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    Re: Please Help!!

    My son was "sniiple confised" in the beginning because I was pumping and giving him the bottle at a few days old because he wasn't latching on correctly which ended up messing me up. Anyway, I found...
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    Re: Facebook page

    just "liked" it!!!
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    Re: Nurses Constantly

    I could have written this exact post about my son. He was the same way from 1 week to about 10 weeks and still nurses constantly. He was also very fussy at that time and would definitely gobble up...
  4. Re: Help!! Baby won't take bottle anymore and i HAVE to go to work!

    Thank you so much for your response. I think I just need reassurance that it is going to be "ok" that he is not eating when I am at work. It is driving me crazy to know that he is crying and hungry...
  5. Help!! Baby won't take bottle anymore and i HAVE to go to work!

    DS is 4 months old. I have been back to work for 4 weeks. He took the bottle no problem the first 2 weeks (three 4 oz bottles) and the past 2 weeks he has been giving DH a hard time and gradually...
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    Re: OMG! We did it!

    Yeah!!!! :clap:clap:clap:clap That's great!
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    Re: Slow weight gain

    I had a similar situation. DS was born 6.8 and was only up to 7.15 by his one month checkup. We went 15 days later b/c he was crying non-stop and he had only gained 2 ozs :yikes Needless to say, I...
  8. Re: Giving up the nipple shield, need advice!

    DS used a nipple shield for the first 8 weeks of nursing. In the beginning it was Godsend as you had said and then it got super annyoing and very time consuming. I also was not producing as much...
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