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    Re: Today she's TWO!!

    Yay! :hb Happy Birthday to both of you! My little one turned two on the 25th so we're sharing your joys with you! Way to go mama! :love
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    My lil' man is TWO now!

    I'm a couple days late in posting but my sweet little nursling turned 2 on Saturday! I'm so glad we are still nursing, it is such a blessing to share this bond with my toddler and I'm so glad he is...
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    Re: lost baby-now adopting.Pump???


    I'm sorry for your loss :cry:hug I think it's wonderful that you want to BF your adopted baby! I agree with the others that I would probably pump. Blessings to you and your new babe!...
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    Re: Weird Fenugreek bottle

    I think many manufactures print that on the bottle for liability purposes. It's on just about everything. It sound like you purchased the right thing. :)
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    Re: Our Weaning went great!

    :ita I'm praising with you! What a beautiful story!:love Blessings to you and your family!:gvibes
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    Re: 3 years old today!

    She's adorable!! Congrats on BFing this long :cheer Happy Birthday to you and your sweet little girl!!:hb
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    Re: Advice regarding swapping


    How old is your little one? My DS is almost 2 and he does this too, during the day and sometimes at night still. :rolleyes:

    He asks for "other side" and will start wanting to switch...
  8. Re: Anyone else with a tiny toddler?

    Thanks Mamas! Thanks for sharing! It's encouraging to know their are other small babies out there too who are perfectly normal and healthy too!:hug
  9. Re: Safe meds for (my) congestion?

    Ok, so I had to find out if the Xlear I recommended is compatible with BFing moms so I called the company and they said yes it's completely safe (will not dry up milk) and you can even use it for...
  10. Re: Anyone else with a tiny toddler?

    Thanks for the reply mamas! My LO has always been in the 3rd%ile. Well his weight is below 3% but his height was in the 30th%. I don't like percentages though, lol. A few of my family members think...
  11. Anyone else with a tiny toddler?

    My DS is almost 2, we're still BFing and he has a great appetite. He's always been tiny but is perfectly healthy and developmentally on target and mostly ahead of other children his age. He was 16lbs...
  12. Re: Safe meds for (my) congestion?

    Very good point!

    You should definitely consult a LC or doctor but Xlear is just Purified Water, Xylitol (a sweetener that occurs naturally), saline, and grapefruit seed extract.

    Check it out...
  13. Re: Safe meds for (my) congestion?

    I started using Xlear. Its works great and is an all natural nasal spray. I bought it a The Vitamin Shoppe. HTH!:gvibes
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    Re: a couple of questions

    My DS is almost 2 and we are still night nursing. He was nursing just as frequently as your DD at her age. My DS is also the the type that knows what he wants and will take no substitutes. I don't...
  15. Re: You know you're nursing a preschooler when...

    These are all too cute!!!

    This is kinda how my LO asks now, lol! He's only 17 months but I had been trying to teach him to sign "milk please" which has turned into him saying "pees" and doing...
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    Re: A weird day of nursing

    My LO just turned 17 months. It seems like my little guy is always changing his nursing patterns. It just seems to depend what's going on and his mood. My DS is also still nursing at night and has...
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    Re: 1 year today!

    :clapGood job mama! Congrats and :hb to both of you!!
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    Re: BF at the zoo

    That's wonderful!! :clap:clap
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    Re: energy drinks?

    I will drink green tea sometimes or a coffee once or twice a week. Like it says in the KellyMom article PP contributed, it depends on how you baby reacts and it is all in moderation. Also how old...
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    Re: does anyone 'napnurse'??


    I use to have to do that with my DS too (pull nipple out really quickly). Isn't it funny how we figure out what our children need in even the smallest things, lol! Now my LO is 15 mo...
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    Re: business trip

    I don't have any personal experience with this but is it possible if you take him with you to have someone there to help take care of him? Maybe a friend or a coworker there that has a teen (since...
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    Re: bfing and solids

    I don't necessarily think he wasn't getting enough before just maybe he had less wet diapers because all the milk he was taking in was being used for poopy diapers. I don't know, just a guess :shrug...
  23. Re: Only BF before sleep and crazy head whipping

    Sorry if I'm not much help but could it be that you have an overactive let down? Maybe she frustrated because of it. :shrug

    Here are some links that might help you determine:
  24. Re: Thrashing, restless 2.5 month old?


    Oh my, I remember this with my LO.:hug Actually he still does it sometimes just not as bad, lol.

    I think this is normal for many babies to go through if not all babies to some degree. ...
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    Re: Letting Down Reflex Broken?

    Aw, you're not broken:hug:hug

    After a while some women just stop feeling the letdown but trust me it's still there. I myself only felt it the first few weeks but not since and my lo is 13months....
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