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  1. Re: 4 1/2 months EBF doesn't sleep through the night

    Yeah I agree with the other ladies here about RC not helping them sleep through.

    It should also be noted that 4.5 months is a prime time for a huge brain development. Babies are more awake to the...
  2. Re: Is it ok to put formula and BM in the same bottle to feed?

    Same exact thing here. I sent separate bottles at first and then when I figured out how much he wanted to eat we started mixing. My DC was super cool about the whole thing and very willing to warm...
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    Re: Co-sleeping vs. Crib Sleeping Poll.

    Weekend nap snuggles are seriously the greatest thing in the world for me. I work all week and I really love having that extra snuggle time with my little man. :)
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    Re: Baby's first cold.

    We just went through something similar with our LO except he did have a fever.

    The EBM in the nose works really well. Also, to reduce his congestion I bought some of the Little Colds baby rub. ...
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    Re: Co-sleeping vs. Crib Sleeping Poll.

    My DS actually sleeps in his crib during the night. My husband acts as baby courier and goes to get him so I can nurse him and then brings him back to his crib.

    We tried cosleeping but it turns...
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    Re: low weight at 4 months

    I was going to post something really similar.

    By what I've seen from my own baby boy (who is almost as old as your LO) he seems to grow in only one dimension at a time. Some months he fills out...
  7. Re: Baby has first cold would like to hear some of your experiences

    I just wanted to let you ladies know the little man is doing so much better! He's still a bit congested but he's eating like his usual self again and has so many smiles and happy sounds. I'm soooo...
  8. Re: Baby has first cold would like to hear some of your experiences

    Thanks so much ladies.

    We actually went to the doctor on Tuesday just to be sure everything was ok. He said it was likely a cold or some other virus. Baby doesn't really have a cough except...
  9. Baby has first cold would like to hear some of your experiences

    Hi ladies. My DS got his first cold this week after his first week of Daycare. We've finally gotten the fever to go away and his personality is back to normal which is very encouraging. He's still...
  10. Re: Too many bottles or thrush or ????

    I'm going to guess that the other mamas here are going to tell you it has to do with the world being such a fascinating place for your DD that she doesn't want to stop looking around to eat. My son...
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    Re: 8 weeks old and won't sleep

    We went through this the first 5 weeks with my LO. There really isn't an easy answer just keep doing what you are doing and do your best to sleep when your LO does. It's hard but it doesn't last...
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    Re: Frustrated by family (long)

    I have issues with my MIL for totally different reasons but I'm lucky enough to not have to live anywhere near her. I can't imagine living with her. I think that would end up going bad quickly.
  13. Re: Good place for info for Daddies-to-be?

    I ended up buying a book about breastfeeding and encouraged my husband to read some of the chapters from it before the baby was born. I think the one I picked up was called "The Essential Guide to...
  14. Re: Poop issues, my medication to blame?

    Is she really uncomfortable or does she seem fine with the not pooping? I freaked the first time my LO did this. I think he was around 6 weeks and he went 4 days without pooping. My LC told me...
  15. Re: Should milk supply increase as baby gets older?

    Those babies drinking 6-8ozs at a feeding are most likely formula fed babies. Formula doesn't adapt with age so they need to get being offered more and more as their age/weight increases.

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    Re: Pump advice

    Awesome I think I'm sold on the PISA. I believe I can get a decent deal on it from Amazon (hooray for the internet).
  17. Re: Advice on Birth Control Methods While BF

    I was taking the minipill but I was having supply issues. Within 3 days of stopping it my supply is nearly back to normal so that's out for me. Awesomely enough I also got my period within 6 weeks...
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    Re: Pump advice

    A hands free pumping bra is a brilliant idea that I never even thought of. Thanks for that!

    I definitely plan on making pumping a priority but I have a bit of an interesting job. I'm an engineer...
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    Re: 2 wk old Spitting Up

    It could be reflux. My LO has reflux and the spitting up was causing my LO a little discomfort though and the doctor prescribed Zantac to help reduce the acid. We use the smallest dose about twice...
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    Re: Feeding from one side strictly/Oald

    I had a lot of success helping my LO deal with the OALD when I nursed him with me lying on my back and him on his tummy on top of me. This way at least gravity was in our favor and it seemed to...
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    Re: Pump advice

    Thanks so much ladies. I do have the benefit of having a room I can bring my computer to while I pump and I can always forward my calls to my cell phone which is a plus. I'll shoot to pump 3 times...
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    Pump advice

    Hi ladies. So I'm headed back to work on June 28. My son will be 12 weeks old and will be at daycare from 8:30am until around 5pm (8.5hrs). I currently have a Medela Swing pump which works out...
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    Re: Night Light for Breastfeeding?

    Our baby monitor actually has a soft blue night light built into it that I used to use. Now I just have my DH go get the baby, bring him to me and I can get him latched and eating almost without...
  24. Re: Pediatrician Visit/Going Back to Work, need advice!

    First of all you and your DH should talk about the sleeping situation and make a decision together, not the decision that your doctor thinks is best for you. Honestly I think sleep arrangements...
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    Re: how difficult were the early weeks?

    Agree with the PPs.

    I started making myself go out with my son once a day when he was 3 weeks old. We usually leave after our 9:30am feeding. He really likes riding in the car so he takes an...
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