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    Re: Do you still feel your milk let down?

    I never felt it from day 1!! - never leaked either!! I know when I let down because DS's sucking pattern changes and I can hear him gulping the milk - that's the only way I know

    DS is 15 months
  2. salicylic acid in face products - can I use?

    I wonder if anyone is able to tell me if I can safely use facial products containing salicylic acid - I wanted to use the Philosophy line of face care products, but saw that some of the cleansers...
  3. Re: 3 week old nurses for 1.5 hours or longer.

    I know you don't want to hear this, but DS was the same for the first 5 (YES!!!!) 5 MONTHS!!!! of his life - I swear he was NEVER off the breast - I thought something was so wrong, but he is now 9.5...
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    how long can I exclusively breastfeed?

    DS is 9.5 months old

    I am currently feeding him some "finger food" maybe once a day - a few pieces of pasta or oaties or yams - not much.

    He really loves to nurse, and I'm just fine with that...
  5. need help with solids - what to give?? 8.5 months old

    I am really in need of some help.

    DS is small for his age - following the normal growth curve, at 5 %, but just small - healthy, alert. He is about 14.5 lbs - came home from the hospital at 6lbs,...
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    "weight falls off breastfeeding" - How??!!

    For those of you who had your weight "Fall off" breastfeeding - how did this happen??!! I want to know your secret!

    How many calories a day do you think you are/were eating? I know we are supposed...
  7. Re: Will he ever take just one side or shorten his sessions?

  8. Will he ever take just one side or shorten his sessions?

    DS will be 4 months next week. Born at 7lb, 4 oz, down to 6lb,0oz at hosp dc, now 11lb,13oz, so 5 lb,13oz gain from lowest weight.

    I can not honestly answer the question "how often does your son...
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    Re: squirming while nursing

    My son just turned 3 months - does the same exact thing. This really started in earnest about 2 weeks ago - he bats at my breasts and grabs them and kicks and squirms around - and has really started...
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