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    Breastfeeding Vs. TTC - help!!

    (May be a little TMI for some people!!)

    Hi there,

    I have just recently joined the forums, i am nursing Red who is 16 months old. He doesn't night nurse and has between one and 4 feeds a day...
  2. Re: Could this be AF after 15 months?

    I had 4 episodes of spotting before my first 'proper' AF. As i was charting i knew it wasn't AF in the true sense as i had not ovulated, it was annovulatory breakthrough bleeding. Basically my body...
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    Re: Past 18 months: why?

    I never expected to be an extended breastfeeder! I nursed my dd for 4.5 months and weaned because i honestly thought that most people stopped before they went back to work!! I was TBH glad to wean...
  4. Re: Nursing toddlers weight/growth issues

    OMG - i cannot believe that she would say that to you - that is so crazy!!!

    My little man is 16 months and hasn't gained a pound since he was 9 months - he is holding steady at 22lbs. Which by the...
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    Poll: Re: When did your period come back?

    My ds was 15 months when i got my first ppaf, but no sign of the next one yet (and i'm not pregnant!!!)
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