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  1. Re: Vetrans - do tell . . .how do you do it????

    You will get into a good routine and it just becomes easy and normal. Everyone gave great advice about co-sleeping. My baby didn't like co-sleeping too much, but it gave me some down time where I...
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    Re: getting through teething

    I guess I was lucky that my baby's teething didn't seem to affect her breastfeeding. She chomped once I think and I let her know that it was not ok. It seems intimidating to think about how you will...
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    Re: milk flow and bra

    I bought the lycra/microfiber sports bra that are very unstructured for nighttime use mainly. I basically considered it a holder for my breastpads.
  4. Re: *I stopped breastfeeding, Now I want to start back*

    I agree with the advice you have gotten here. It takes lots of persistence, but there is a good chance you will be successful since it has not been that long.
  5. Re: I can't take it anymore! I think I want to wean!

    I remember feeling the way you did. It was a tough choice to wean, but the right one for me and my daughter. We both started to sleep through the night when she weaned at 18 months. I was so sleep...
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