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    Re: BF/Pumping schedule & OS

    I had/have major OS which improved when I cut back on pumping.

    I went back to work when lo was older, 8 mos. Our routine to start was this:

    6-7 am wake and nurse for 30-45 mins
    815 leave for...
  2. Re: 4 months, reallly need some advice....please read...

    When I needed to defrost an oz at a time I would put a few inches of warm/hot water in the sink, plug it and put the cube in a ceramic cereal size bowl that wouldn't float and put it in the sink of...
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    Re: Will my baby wean early?

    I have struggled with os/oald and never heard that. My dd is 15 mos and shows no sign of weaning. Things really got a lot better when she was about 4 mos. I don't know how old your lo is but hang in...
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    Re: Baby boy nursing concerns

    You have gotten great advice from the pp's (who have way more experience than me!) but re the sleep, I just wanted to say you really need to do what works for you. I'm still nursing my 15 mth old to...
  5. Re: What I'm feeding my 7 1/2 month old Daughter.

    I think at 7.5 mos breastmilk should still be baby's primary source of nutrition and solids are for exploration, learning and fun. We did baby led solids and basically skipped purees and cereal. I...
  6. Re: question about extended breastfeeding

    I just pump weaned and dd is 13 mos. We nurse am, when I get home from work, bedtime and whenever she wants at the weekend. I had the same worry you have but my supply has been fine.
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    Re: freezer stash & toddler

    My dd is almost 13 mos and I have just pump weaned. I still do have a bit of a stash but am using it up. She is allergic to dairy so she gets water and soy milk at dcp. I send one bottle and one cup...
  8. Re: First day at nursery - taking little milk

    Hi mama!

    My lo started dc at 8 mos and was exactly the same way. She has never really drank much more than 8 oz even though I usually pump and send at least 12 oz. It meant a lot of wasted milk...
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    Re: 5 month old bedtime routine

    Our sleep routine has always been bath, massage/lotion, nurse/rock then sleep. Now that she is older we do books too but I still nurse her to sleep. She sleeps ina crib and generally through the...
  10. Re: How do you know when your breast is empty?

    My ebf lo regularly went up to 10 days or more between poops and was always very healthy. Now that she's on solids that has changed but that was ethe case until then. Sounds like you're doing great!
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    Re: Pump weaning

    I have no advice but am in pretty much the same boat so thanks for this post!

    Looking forward to the replies...

  12. Re: My doctor says... but what do you do?

    What your doc is suggesting sounds like a lot of solids to
    me. As you say, solids are just for practice at this age. If your lo is doing fine and growing/meeting milestones, go with your gut.
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    Re: When to Pump?

    Hi mama,

    Pumping can be hard to figure out at first and very confusing. Or at leastit was for me.

    You don't need to worry about not having enough for your lo. The breast is never truly empty...
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    Re: Pumping to go back to work

    I have been pumping for my lo since she was 8 mos. She is now almost 1 yr. I always struggled with OS so I only pumped once a day before returning to work and built up a pretty big stash. I found...
  15. Re: 2 week old sleeping 5-6hours a night

    You didn't mention anything about your lo's diaper output and weight but I'll assume it's good. Innthe first two weeks or so I woke my lo at night after 4 or 5 hours. After that I let her go a bit...
  16. Re: What solids does/did you child eat at 10 months?

    Hi mama!

    My lo is 11 mth and is also allergic to dairy and eggs, or at least so we think. So those foods are totally out for her.

    She has never had jar food and eats table food by her own...
  17. Re: How much bm for 1 yr old w/dairy allergy

    We haven't gotten to see an allergist yet but I'm hoping to get a referral when we go for her 12 mth check. Our dr has advised to eliminate all dairy for now and that we will assess/discuss again...
  18. Re: need help with 2day old... won't wake.

    My lo was super sleepy right after birth and it is frustrating! Sometimes I would just cry in frustration. FWIW I did wake her to eat even though it sometimes was really hard. She was also a bit...
  19. How much bm for 1 yr old w/dairy allergy

    Hi mamas,

    My lo is approaching 1 year old and I am wondering how much bm she should be getting after a year if she is not having any dairy. Rightnow she has ebm at daycare, anywhere from 8-12 oz a...
  20. Re: Do I have to start supplementing????

    It sounds like you are doing fabulously and your LO is right on track. Mine slept a lot at that age too and it's nothing to worry about so long as your babe is otherwise healthy and growing, which is...
  21. Re: Does this sound like Oversupply?

    Hi mama!

    My LO is 10.5 mths but I had real challenges with OS/OALD in the early days and even now still get engorged, although less so.

    Babies with mamas with OS/OALD frequently have quite...
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    Re: Getting baby to take a bottle

    I don't have much in the way of advice but :hug.

    Some babies are just determined that way including mine and can you really blame them? :eye

    You can try experimenting with different bottles and...
  23. Re: 4 month poop consistency thicker - normal?

    Around that age my dd was only going once or twice a week and her BMs were thicker and a bit darker yellow. As long as baby isn't straining/in discomfort I wouldn't worry.
  24. Re: Ways to increase milk production.

    :hug mama. Sorry to hear you are having a hard time.

    In terms of boosting supply the best way is to just nurse that baby! :gvibes Every time you nurse you are signalling your body to make milk....
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    Re: Bra Bra Bra

    All my nursing bras and tanks are Bravado. They are great and have some really cute ones! Plus a real range of sizes.
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