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  1. Re: Just got back from hospital...:( LONG Story.

    I wish I could nurse on demand but if I did that, he never cries or does anything that signifies that he wants to eat. It freaks me out and I asked DH (because he takes care of DS when I'm gone) if...
  2. Just got back from hospital...:( LONG Story.

    My 4 month old and I went for a checkup for his eczema. It was extreme and oozing and I was afraid of it being infected. So I went on a frantic search for a pediatrician. Unfortunately, there were no...
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    Re: Cheerios

    I saw my lil niece choke on a cheerio. she turned blue and it scared me half to death. she was 9 months at the time and she was just sitting in her high chair while the rest of the family ate. after...
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