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  1. Re: Need BF help - premmature boy/girl twins - about to give up

    WOW they came home early. Congrats on that first off. My first born was 6 weeks early and spent 8 days in NICU. We also had to wait to latch him to the breast. I found with preemies the football...
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    Re: 5 1/2 months tongue tied

    Good luck with his "new" tongue. I'm glad that you didn't suffer any setbacks.
  3. Re: Major Frustration with Pumping and Let Down

    Oooo I sympathize with you. You let down or lack there of my be do to stress and trying to get a quick pump in. I would suggest maybe taking that 15 minute break every 2-3 hours and just...
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    Re: Pushing away from me

    My youngest also did this to me. Reminded me of when kittens and puppies nurse. It may just be a comfort issue with them. I know it can be annoying. may I suggest introducing a blankie during...
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    Re: Weird Pains...

    Sounds like you have some great advice already. I can add that when we developed(I say we because me and my youngest developed it)thrush it was really painful to nurse. We got prescribed Nystatin...
  6. Re: Going to a LLL meeting before giving birth?

    I think it would be a great idea. It would help you brush up on the topic of breastfeeding. You might also find out some new information that could help. Plus if you experience any difficulties at...
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