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    Stomach Virus?

    My 11 month old DD2 has caught a stomach virus of some sort. It went through my brother's home and my mother's home and now ours. She started vomiting last night about 1 am stopped at around 3 am....
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    Re: Help me convince DH to do BLW

    When I had read about BLW for the first time I found it fascinating, so much so, that I had to go and tell my DH about it. He looked me like "why are you so excited about this?" Men are so less...
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    Re: 3 month old not eating as much

    There could be several causes to this.

    Your LO could have mastered the art of efficient feeding. Meaning she is getting more milk in less time than she used to. Are you still full of milk...
  4. Breast is Best atleast till a year right?

    I want to make sure I am right in my mind what I am doing with DD2. She is the first I have breast fed this long!! (YAY!) She is 9 months and will be a year on March 21st. She is eating solids pretty...
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    Re: Milk Blisters

    I had a milk blister on my right nipple at about the same age as your LO. It was like I noticed it, but it wasnt sore it was just a white spot and then because i noticed it, it became really sore!! I...
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    Re: heavy eyes while breastfeeding

    Yes, when i think about this it makes me laugh at myself. I would always go upstairs to get comfy and nurse and would tell my DH "be right back going to feed the baby" and then I would be gone for...
  7. Teeth causing latch to be off or wrong?

    My LO is 9 months old the 21st of this month. She has 4 top teeth coming in at the same time. Recently my nipples are just plain sore. Sore to nurse, to touch, they are sore when they touch my bra or...
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    Re: doesn't want solids anymore and BF more

    You know, My DD is 7 months old and I introduced baby food and rice cereal at about 5.5mo. Just experimented with her, because she was so interested in my food. Anytime we would sit down to eat I...
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    Re: Having enough bm for cereal

    My 6 month old has recently started solids. I played around with cereal and she didnt seem to care for it at all. So I have just held onto the box until a later date (So not as to waste it) and when...
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    Re: I am sooo conflicted

    Just curious, did you consider pumping breast milk for the rides so you are tide to him so much? Are you feeding him solids or cereals just yet? is he gaining weight.. have you talked to your...
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    Re: Fussing A LOT while nursing...why???

    I have a 5 month old that just cut some teeth. At about the 3.5 month mark she started all this as well. It sounds to me like it might be teething.. try to rule it out and hope thats the only...
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    Ouch! She Bites!!

    My 5 month old DD, has finally grown in her two bottom teeth, they are still coming in but I am very well aware of them being there. She nurses great, I can hardly feel them and no friction from...
  13. Re: What is the obsession with starting solids????

    Ok i have to post my vent here.. I agree about the solids thing.. also.. my LO is 5 months tomorrow.. but why is it ever since she's learned to grab for things that my MIL and my own Mother.. feel...
  14. Re: was eating both sides now just one side at a time!

    With my first DD i was told to nurse on one breast for 10 min then switch to the other for the remainder of the time. I naturally just followed this with my second DD who is now 5 months old. At...
  15. Temas: Letdown

    by @llli*mommat

    Re: Letdown

    To me the letdown felt almost the same as the feeling of engorgement when it would initially start. And I agree it feels almost painful.. not very comfortable.
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    Re: baby too big???

    Just wanted to share I have a big baby too!! She was born at 8lbs 2 Oz at her 2 month checkup weighed in at 16lbs. She's so chunky and plump now.. i just love her lil chunky thighs!! She has been EBF...
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    Re: baby bling?

    good idea! I might look into this as well. My 3mo old now likes to just pound on my chest. I just put a necklace on as i haven't worn one in months since it has been so hot, and she stopped pounding...
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    Re: Left breast stopped producing

    Ive been EBF for 3 months now and its really weird.. my breasts dont get engorged hardly ever anymore (thank god!!) and I barely leak. It feels weird though, because you go from right after your milk...
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    Re: If I knew then what I know now.....

    Im EBF 3 months strong and still going as long as i can my goal is a year and then see where we go from there.

    I would try really hard not to let anyone discourage me. Especially older moms...
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    Re: white spot

    my first dd had one it came up and went away then came back. the ped said it was nothing to be worried about.. i always figured it was like a new tastebud growing in or something. if it doesnt cause...
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    Re: Introducing Pumping

    For the same reason, i started pumping when baby was around 6 weeks old.. the advice my cousin gave me was to pump when baby sleeps through a feeding or after a nursing session. I was trying to build...
  22. Re: Nursing on one breast vs both during one feeding

    thanks mama's, i will stick to what we have been doing minus watching the clock. it seems so hectic trying to remember when we started when i should switch and all.. im sure baby wont mind at all...
  23. Nursing on one breast vs both during one feeding

    Ok when I had my first DD 6 years ago I was told to let her nurse on one breast for 10 mins and then burp and switch to other breast for the rest of the feeding or until baby pulls off.

    I now have...
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    When ok to give water?

    I was just curious when it was ok to give baby water? I have a 2month old, EBF. I remember with my first baby there was this ordeal about being careful giving her water as it is very easy for babies...
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    Re: growth spurt?

    Oh my gosh, I have a 6 week old, and went through this at 2 weeks as well. I thought I was going to shrivel up and disappear with as much as DD was wanting to nurse. Don't stress, there is a light at...
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