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  1. Part time erratic work, older nurslings, how much to pump?

    My question is, how much do I need to pump?

    I recently started working part time. I have a very erratic schedule and work @3 days a week anywhere from 4-8 hour per day. I have a 16 month old and...
  2. Re: Help!! Deciding on tongue tie revision

    Thanks for your reply Mommal.
    I think one of the reasons I'm reluctant is because of the stretches. So I would have to keep hurting them 6x a day (and overnight)minimum for at least 3 weeks. :( ...
  3. Help!! Deciding on tongue tie revision

    I really need help deciding what's right!
    As a parent who muscled through breastfeeding issues , I'm now 1 year later trying to decide if I should have his and his sister's ties revised. I'm still...
  4. Re: Anyone else with a high frequency nursling at 4 years ol

    Thank you all for your replies. I love to hear other people's stories. Everyone has their own path to take, but it is nice to hear from others on the journey.
    Yes, gold86en, I had read that story...
  5. Re: Blocked duct, lump is now HUGE, tried every remedy I hea

    I think you made the right decision. Good luck dealing with the pain until it can be taken care of! It is great to have an answer and a plan of action.
  6. Re: Blocked duct, lump is now HUGE, tried every remedy I hea

    Good luck! Hope they can help in the ER. Yes my lactating adenoma became painful when I messed with it. The more I left it alone the less it bothered me. Mine was not very big though. Actually it is...
  7. Re: Blocked duct, lump is now HUGE, tried every remedy I hea

    Have you had an ultrasound of the lump. It can be done quickly and if done by a breast health doctor they may be able to give you a quick diagnosis or direction for next steps. This was how my...
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    Re: Feeling nauseous while feeding

    I was going to say pregnancy, but you already thought of that.
    Could it be that you need more water or food? I find that I notice my hunger more when I sit down to nurse so any low blood sugar...
  9. Re: everything going wrong..desparate for help!!

    So many hugs to you! You are working so hard and I'm sure you will see payoff soon!
    I won't add to all the great info you've gotten here about supplements, weights etc However, I thought i'd share...
  10. Re: Have you seen this article against bfing past 2?

    Parenting.com and baby center have become my least favorite sites that seem to pop up first when I do a search. I try to find articles from Google to site because people often dislike reading the...
  11. Have you seen this article against bfing past 2?

    What are your thoughts? I particularly did not like, "If you must breastfeed your child past 2. . ."...
  12. Re: Shipping vs. flying milk and how much do I need???

    Wow I just typed so much and was logged out so I lost it :(
    I had a few links and it seems mommal said some of what I said so at least I won't be redundant.
    Here are the links anyway.

  13. Anyone else with a high frequency nursling at 4 years old?

    My 4 yo and I are no where near ready to wean so we aren't planning on it anytime soon. My 10 month old could take it or leave it. ;) I am happy to do what works best for them. However I sometimes...
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    Re: My freezer is a mess

    I can't give you advice on what to do with what you have stored or how you would feel donating it, but. . .
    I used to pump Monday-Thursday for the next day then freeze my Friday's pumped milk. I...
  15. Re: Almost ready to wean due to my 7mo's nursing behavior!

    Thank you for responding. I would really like to find a solution to this. I did write the above post when I was in the heat of frustration. I sometimes do feel like I just want to wean, but I would...
  16. Almost ready to wean due to my 7mo's nursing behavior!

    I am currently nursing my 3yr 9 month dd and my 7 month old son.
    I had many struggles in the very beginning with my dd, but after working hard on latch and giving time to heal I loved our nursing...
  17. Blocked duct? Healing mastitis? What's going on?

    Last Friday afternoon out of nowhere I got a fever, chills and aches. No other symptoms were present. While laying in bed I realized that (except breast pain) I felt the same as when I had mastitis....
  18. Temas: Thrush?

    by @llli*m11612

    Re: Thrush?

    Yay! I knew it was there somewhere. :)
  19. Temas: Thrush?

    by @llli*m11612

    Re: Thrush?

    Are either one of you uncomfortable or having difficulty with latch?
    My son had a white coating and it may have been thrush. Very long story short, Dr Newman says no need to treat. I can't find the...
  20. Re: Doctors suggest I STOP breastfeeding my 3 month old

    When I did aa return to dairy trial with my baby I found I was not reliable with my assessment of his upset. Every time my young baby cries feels like the worst time. I search for what could be...
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    Re: Vent about annoying nursing habits

    Another thread reminded me of this one so I figured I'd update. :)
    We're in to distracted nurser phase. He still kneads my breast, sometimes "milks" me, pinches, grabs fistfulls of my breast and...
  22. Re: Pump output declining at 6.5 months?

    It never hurts to troubleshoot your pump. Make sure membranes are in good shape etc. That said, 10 minute pump sessions are short. I think most people pump for 15-20 mins. I was an overproducer in...
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    Re: Baby won't transfer milk

    Someone with more knowledge of this will chime in soon I'm sure. However, I have heard that it can be helpful (though maybe counterintuitive) to bottlefeed first then offer the breast. The idea is...
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    Re: Feeding takes forever - need advice

    You've gotten great advice.
    I wanted to add in my experience with eczema treatment.
    My son had very bad eczema rashes all over his body. I initially I wasn't bathing him often and not using any...
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    Re: So exhausted and need a place to vent

    I jumped at every sound too at first. It took me getting used to it, but this is different for everyone. I couldn't sleep at all if my dd (my first baby) wasn't next to me. I brought her in to bed...
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