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  1. Re: You know you're nursing a preschooler when...

    LOL! I have "nursed" my DD's toys multiple times... and had her offer boobs to Dada. She came off, called, "dada?" and got him to come over, then pointed madly at my boob. One time she offered him...
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    Growth Spurt at 2?

    I'm just wondering if it is normal or common for 2-year-olds to go through a growth spurt.

    My DD is having a lot of trouble settling for her naps, and begs me in tears, "No na-na (night night)."...
  3. Re: Looking for self-employed mothers to chat

    I'm not self-employed yet but I am taking distance courses while staying home with my daughter so that soon I will be a freelance copyeditor. You could be editing anything such as magazines,...
  4. Re: Can you please show me what your nursing "schedule" looks like for the day?

    Don't know if this is helpful or not, but my sister and I cover both ends of the spectrum. By 18 months, my sister's LO was nursing once in the morning and once in the evening before bedtime (but she...
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    Re: Boundaries?

    I'm sorry I can't help but just wanted to say you're not alone! My DD is doing this too. Sometimes I can break her off after half an hour but sometimes I wait so long to break her off that I fall...
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    Re: Breast affection...

    My DD of 19 months is also in love with my boobs. :) She likes to put her head between them and hug them, and we do a little "boobie cheer" and she applauds. She is really in love with them haha. She...
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    Re: complex situation, need help

    At 6/12 months she is probably ready for a sippy cup. My daughter never took a bottle but was happy with the sippy cup right away. Of course we had to try a few different ones (in the end she liked...
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    Re: I don't want to wean :(

    I don't know how helpful this is but I got my period back before my DD was 12 months and she still nurses all day. They are shorter, comfort nursings and work great for calming tantrums, etc. I feed...
  9. Re: Can Only Fall Asleep Nursing - help!

    Thank you everyone for the ideas and support. I have been holding out on CIO. I tried it when she was 10 months and it was a disaster. I designed a nice bedtime routine for her - bath, two stories,...
  10. Can Only Fall Asleep Nursing - help!

    I am thinking about taking on some very light part-time work but I am worried about putting my 16 month old in any kind of daycare because she cannot fall asleep without nursing! Sometimes she can...
  11. Re: Nutritional value of breastmilk after 1 year

    Thank you for the great info! It's so interesting as well as confirming how I feel about nursing past one!
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    Re: Best books about breastfeeding

    It's already been suggested, but I loved "Womanly Art of Breastfeeding". It is the ultimate reference from LLL for everything! I still refer to it and it grows with you. There are sections on gentle...
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    Re: Breast Pain

    Thank you, everyone. I compared the charts on the website I-Man's Momma suggested, and I'm pretty sure I have a plugged duct. I'm not having a fever or feeling ill so I don't think it's mastitis. I...
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    Re: Breast Pain

    Thank you! I think that might be it. The page is really helpful. :)
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    Breast Pain

    For the last couple days I've been having an awful pain in my right breast. It feels like it's throbbing and if I try and squeeze it for example I can't - it's too painful and it's hard in there! I...
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    Re: Started solids.. can I go back?

    You sure can! Milk is supply and demand so your LO might nurse a little more as the supply builds up again to match what she was eating. I went travelling with my LO when she was just over 6 months...
  17. Re: Cheerios/finger foods without teeth?

    Thank you both! I went and had a look at the thread about gagging/choking. I feel so clueless about solid foods! I feel like I finally more or less figured out breastfeeding and now I have no idea...
  18. Cheerios/finger foods without teeth?

    My 8 month old loves solid food but she only has one tooth coming in. She really wants to try out melons and cheerios that she sees us eating but I'm scared she will choke on them. Should I wait...
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    Re: Rejecting Solids

    We started our daughter on banana which she loved, and then on rice cereal. Now she loves a sippy cup of water and some rice and oatmeal cereal. She will eat any veggie or fruit that we offer her but...
  20. Re: DS hits himself in head while nursing?!

    My daughter is only 6 months but she does this too. I just put my hand in the way so I get whacked instead. She used to hit my boob while nursing and then shifted over to her head. I don't know what...
  21. Re: Nursing from one breast for medical reasons

    I'm sorry, I don't think I will be much help but I wanted to offer support!

    I was born with a large birthmark over my right breast caused by many extra blood vessels. As a result breastfeeding was...
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    Re: Not Gaining, Not Sleeping!

    Thank you so much! That's very helpful and I'm not so worried now! We are going to have a 6 month checkup soon so I will find out about the ear infection.

    I'm glad to know her weight is normal....
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    Re: Will Thrush Go Away Naturally?

    Thank you - I am glad to know this! I guess I better keep trying. I have the thrush as well and my baby wants to nurse 24/7 so I was never having much of a chance to put it on (I was told to put on...
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    Will She Stop When Full?

    I read in "Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" that when you start your LO on solids, she may only take one spoonful and then stop. Well, my 6 month old took spoon after spoon after spoon! I'm worried...
  25. Re: Middle of the night poop...why me??

    I've had this happen, as well as my daughter's diaper leaking at night all in our bed when the power was out! So you're not alone!

    What I do is put down an extra folded blanket in the bed where...
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