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    Re: Having to apologize for bf at 2yrs

    In my family i am the first one BF this long (17 months) and when someone asks me : when will you stop? I say: probably when she starts going to the university :D
  2. Re: 1 week bussiness trip...what should I do

    Thanks you Ladies. I definately want to keep the supply so I will pump :)
  3. Re: How to give BM to toddler while mom's at work?

    My Daugther never liked the sippy bottles but she likes to drink with a straw... maybe can work for your LO :)
  4. Re: Constant Nurser, How to Find Time to Pump

    My DD was the same until she became 4 months but my husband and my mother helped me a lot with this taking her for a strol or to another room to play, or listening to music or whatever while I rested...
  5. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    hahaha,, when she wants to combined with a banana and when invites her mickey mouse to have a little but very little
  6. 1 week bussiness trip...what should I do

    Hello everyone, My name is Andrea and I still breastfeeding my 17 months DD twice a day (7 am and 5pm) and donĀ“t pump since DD was 9 months so I guess very little must be comming out but she is...
  7. Re: Period after only 6 months... so bum

    I also got mine after 6 weeks and with extra sessions it was gone until my dd became 7 months, then i tried extra sessions again but it did not work.
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    Re: Expressing Milk

    Thanks for your responds, I really appreciatte :)

    Yes we co - spleep and she nurses at night but just for few minutes each time. Does it still helps to improve my supply?

    My pump is a medela...
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    Expressing Milk

    Hello My name is Andrea, I am from colombia. My Daugther is 8 months and I work in sales so i am at the office all day. Sometimes it is easy to go to the restroom 10 minutes or 15 and express my milk...
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