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    Re: Night feedings

    For once, he is not teething since 4 month old. The reason I am even considering this is that I just don't know if I can physically do this anymore. Not only do I think my milk supply is dwindling...
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    Night feedings

    After 2 weeks of waking up every 2 hours, my 9 month old seems to be back on the same track he has been on since he was a newborn: up 2x a night to eat. I just took him to his 9 month well baby and...
  3. Re: Quick survey: How many feedings @ ni

    9 month old, 2x a night, 20 lbs, 10 oz.
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    Re: Rough nursing!

    A dark room with no distractions is virtually impossible as I have a 2 year old running around the house full of energy! I might have to look at a baby carrier. I have a moby wrap so maybe that...
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    Rough nursing!

    First let me say thank you ladies for the good support here... I have found this site and info so helpful!

    Anyway, my son is a rough nurser: pinches, yanks on nipple while nursing, straightens his...
  6. Re: What s ur feeding schedule for 8-9 m

    My 8 month old has a schedule like this:
    7am - nurse
    830 - a few bites of solids
    9 - nurse
    1130 - nurse
    12 - a few bites of solids
    2:30 nurse
    4:30 nurse
    5:30 a few bites of solids
    7 - nurse
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    Hole in areola! Teeth, ouch!

    My beautiful 8 month old son has worn a hole in my areola just to the side of my nipple. It is indeed a small hole, but one nonetheless. It started when he was cutting one of his top teeth and now,...
  8. Re: Weaning off night nursing for 8 mo o

    Thanks for the input ladies. I do try to sleep when he sleeps but my toddler and my infant have different sleep schedules... infant down at 7pm, toddler down at 7:30-8. Up with infant several times...
  9. Weaning off night nursing for 8 mo old?

    Let me say I do enjoy BF for the most part. But the lack of sleep is killing me. I am the only one to take care of my kids (hubs is deployed) and don't know anyone to help out yet or get a break. ...
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    Shallow Latch

    My 5 week old has a shallow latch that is causing very sore nipples! One side she will latch on very shallow then broaden it so it is not so bad but the other side is bad enough to made my toes...
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