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  1. Help- Baby won't take bottle from nanny

    I am going back to work in a few days and hired a wonderful nanny (no infant daycare options where we live) Our doctor had us train the baby by giving him a bottle
    about once a day since he was 3...
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    Production plunged

    I have a 2 month old boy. He is a great eater, but he has a little mouth abnormality, missing lingual frenulum which has the effects of a tongue tie, but can't be corrected. Lactation consultant...
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    What to do with stored milk?

    I started pumping once a day when my boy was 3 weeks old. He is 8 weeks now. Primarily it was so my husband could give him a bottle once a day, to experience the joy of feeding him, and also to...
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    Re: 7 week old snacking?

    Thank you, thank you everyone! It is such a relief to know that this is normal. As a new mom (I think you all have been there) I am always second guessing myself, trying to make sure that I do...
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    7 week old snacking?

    My boy likes breastfeeding very frequently. He eats about every 2 hours during the day, but may want to eat every 45 minutes in the evening, from 5-9 PM. At night we have one 4 hour interval of...
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