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    Re: Fenugreek question

    i actually took the powdered form in the capsules (3 capsules 3 times a day)...and noticed an improvement within 4 days or so. i bought my fenugreek from GNC.

    good luck!
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    Re: Detox while breastfeeding?

    I actually saw this on some kind of "buyer beware" type of show and supposeldy the foot pads don't work. Just thought I'd share...
  3. Re: Is Airborne safe for Breastfeeding?

    welcome! :)

    when i was pregnant with DD#2, my OB didn't recommend taking airborne. she also didn't recommend taking while breastfeeding...though each OB has his/her own opinions on these type of...
  4. Re: How many shields and valves do you have?

    I have 2 sets...one for work and one for home. When I'm at work, I rinse in between uses and then sterilize in a medela microsteam bag at work after the final pump session. I leave that set at work.
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    Re: Using Frozen Milk

    if you have the patience to thaw out a frozen milk under warm running water, then you can definitely do it that way. i know what you mean about having the milk still frozen or partly frozen even...
  6. Re: freezing refridgerated pumped milk

    thanks for the response!
  7. freezing refridgerated pumped milk

    i have a 3oz bottle of expressed milk that has been in the fridge for almost 2 days now. can i put it in the freezer now? or should it have gone in the freezer right after i pumped it? i thought i...
  8. Re: How long does your baby sleep at night

    wow, consider yourself lucky! my little one is 6 weeks old and sleeps at most 4 hours...typically around 3 hours and then she starts sucking on her hand. being only 2 weeks old, i'd continue doing...
  9. going back to work-wanna pump & freeze, but we have thrush! =(

    my dd is 5 weeks old. she was diagnosed with thrush at 3 1/2 weeks. my nipples were sore and i had some sharp, shooting pains in my breast. i'm now taking diflucan and feeling much better. my dd...
  10. Re: Ques about cow's milk at 1 year

    this is what we did, too, for dd. we mixed formula with cow's milk and slowly weaned dd off of formula. she is now drinking whole cow's milk and is having absolutely no problems with it. she...
  11. Re: re-heating & does milk smell spoiled if bad?

    welcome to the forum!

    there is debate on whether you can reheat unused EBM or not. i personally have with no problems at all. see this article: Reusing expressed breastmilk. it does recommend...
  12. Re: Working Mother Breast Pump Roll Call!!!

    i also used the medela pisa (backpack style) and loved it! :) :) :) :) :) i could even carry a magazine or two! i've put my pump away for now, but will be taking it out to use again early next year!
  13. Re: Cleaning of accessories between pumping sessions

    i used to pump 3x a day at work. i'd wrap up my breastshields in papertowel and them put them in a gallon ziploc, then i'd put that in a plastic bag...and the entire thing goes in the fridge at...
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    Re: Thawing question...

    i always thought that it was 24 hours from the time that the milk has been completely thawed.

    kellymom.com states: "Previously frozen milk may be kept in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours...
  15. Re: warmed milk that hasn't been used

    good question. as long as it has not been used for a feeding (e.g., leftovers), i'd say 24 hours...but you should always do the smell/taste test!
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    Re: Where do you pump at work?

    it is unfortunate that you work for a large company that does not provide privacy/lactation rooms. i also work for a large company here on the west coast...and was very pleased that they had...
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    Re: sippy cups

    like lisa stated, you will probably go though a few sippys until you find the one that works for your LO. we've tried 3 of them...avent, nuby, and the first years take 'n toss. we started...
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    Re: How much water?

    my dd is 9 month old...and i offer a sippy, but she will not take it. because she's teething right now, she'd rather bite/chew at the bottom of the cup or throw the cup on the floor. i have not...
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    Re: Thrush - Lotrimin AF?

    i'm not sure about applying lotrimin on your breasts/nipples, if that's what you're asking. i applied lotrimin on my dd's diaper area because she had a yeasty diaper rash while she had thrush. i...
  20. Re: first outing w/o LO and some questions

    you don't have to change to a fast flow nipple if you don't want to. the slow flow nipple best mimics the breast. we use the avent bottle system and didn't change to size 2 nipples until dd was 6...
  21. Re: baby's intake with breast milk vs. formula

    can't answer your question of "why so much formula?", but i'd stick with the kellymom numbers for EBM. :)
    as long as your baby is having plenty of wet diapers and gaining weight, he/she should be...
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    Re: Number of Feedings

    hi there! sounds like you're doing the right thing! 2-3 hours sounds perfectly normal for a 3.5 month old baby...and you're right, if she's hungry, feed her! :)
  23. Re: Inlaws and what's best for my DD

    hi there and welcome to the forum! :)

    sorry to hear that you are going though this. i agree with javagirl...have your DH talk to his mother without bringing up your name (if at all possible). ...
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    Re: Swaddling

    you can also buy material and sew the edges. if you make it a 40inch x 40 inch square, that should be sufficient...that is what we were told when we took a class that talked about the 5 S's...
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    Re: Gripe Water?

    we used colic ease and it worked perfectly! dd was very gassy and would even cry painfully when she was tooting! poor thing! as soon as we gave her the colic ease, she stopped crying almost...
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