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    Re: Cracker Type snacks

    How about zweiback bars? I can remember seeing my siblings gumming those when we were little.
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    Re: Pacifier recommendation...

    My LO only likes Nuk pacifiers as well even after trying a couple different brands :) She won't even accept the others! I noticed that the Nuk pacifier looks the most similiar to the Medula...
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    Re: Introducing pacifier

    I introduced the pacifier at two weeks. My LO isn't dependent on it, but it does help to soothe her if she is cranky and doesn't want to nurse. Sometimes she just wants to suck and actually gets...
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    Re: short nursing sessions

    My LO started to have significantly shorter nursing sessions at 7 weeks. She only feeds from one side from around 3AM - 5PM. I think that they just become more efficient at nursing and can do it...
  5. Please Help. Do I need to pump at night?

    Now that my LO is 9 weeks old and past the first growth spurts (thank God) she is sleeping for 4 - 5 hour stretches at night, and last night she slept for six hours :) . She only feeds from one...
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    Re: Feeling discouraged with my newborn

    I dealt with some extremely sore and cracked nipples when I first started nursing. I let my daughter nurse with a shallow latch for one week before I met with a lactation consultant! Yikes!
  7. Sad! Do I Need to Supplement at Night?

    My 7 week old DD has a miserable time breastfeeding at night. During the day breastfeeding goes beautifully, and I feel like there is plenty of milk. When it gets to be about 8:00 at night she...
  8. Obsessing over DD's Poo - Need a New Hobby!

    I feel like my six week DD is constantly pooing. Everytime I change her diaper, approximately 12 times a day, I find a bowel movement. It is usually just a tablespoon full, and one to three times a...
  9. Re: What do all you working mamas do for a living?

    I have a B.S. in Biology from UC Davis and always planned on becoming a dentist. Somehow, I ended up teaching elementary school because I love children. When I had my own LO I became a SAHM. It is...
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    Straining while Deficating

    I am concerned because my six week old daughter seems to strain and become uncomfortable when she is pooping. She grunts, squirms, and her face turns red.

    During the last few days she has had...
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