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    Re: Bottle advice.. thanks!

    My dd had a hard time with bottles at first. I was really focused on the gagging thing too. I kept thinking, "if I could just find a short enough nipple. . ." It turned out that bottle type and...
  2. Re: Anxiety and Depression about having to go back

    I thought it might be helpful to someone out there for me to give a 3 years later update. Also, maybe therapeutic for me to write it out. We've come a long way! :)
    Thank you llli.org and...
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    Re: red breasts - what could this be?

    I get a rash from disposable breast pads sometimes. More so if I don't change them frequently enough. I leak a lot! I use cloth pads most of the time. I tend to leak through them, but they don't...
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    Re: funny question?

    At less than a year old, my dd would say, "mm...mm...mm" while latched on to agree with something I said. I would tell whoever i was talking to that it meant yes. Now, she's 3 years old and it's a...
  5. Re: Giving pumped milk at same time of day?

    I did try to label my bottles am/pm due to changing hormones when I worked full time. I wanted to make it as close as possible to if I were able to be home. That said, I loosened up a bit after my...
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    Re: Baby cries for table food!

    I'm not saying don't do it, but this post reminded me of something I read on here once. Something along the lines of "my baby reaches for the mouse when I'm on the computer too, but I don't assume...
  7. Re: infant doing chemo/prednisone, meds not going down!

    Wow! So much to go through for your baby and you!
    Maybe try calling a compounding pharmacy. They flavored some meds spicy for my lo using a more natural and less sugar additive. My lo would not keep...
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    Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    Lol, sonogirl. I love that how cute!
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    Re: How to Start using Frozen Milk

    I think everyone's milk is a bit different. Fat floating on top is fine. The best way to tell is a taste test. Each baby has their own preferences regarding milk temperature and freshness as well....
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    Re: How to Start using Frozen Milk

    I like the idea of using one frozen a day too. Another option is to freeze your Friday pumped milk and use your oldest frozen milk on Monday. That way you are always rotating. I found my milk frozen...
  11. Re: Traveling/Driving Long Distance and Breastfeeding

    I always found the backseat more comfortable for breastfeeding. The armrest was the right height for support on one side and the car seat worked on the other. In a different car I used the diaper bag...
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    Re: Breastfeeding and Pumping

    If you don't have lipase issues you can always freeze Fridays pumped milk and send in your oldest frozen each Monday. That way you keep your freezer stash new. Wish I'd known that from the beginning....
  13. Re: Bottles and nipples advice for returning to work

    I had over active letdown and oversupply so my lo was used to fast milk, but we stuck with slow flow bottled. I think this was ultimately more breastfeeding supportive. In part, this was because my...
  14. Re: pumping output not enough for 3 month old

    Are you getting enough rest, drinking enough water, eating enough calories (protein), feeling extra stresses? It sounds like you have tried pretty much everything pump related except the hospital...
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    Re: Pumping - one side or both?

    I thought I'd share my experience, though everyone is different. I had oversupply.
    I always fed one side but pumped both starting at 12 weeks when I went back to work. I did have issues with...
  16. Re: When to stopping an extra pump session

    Could you pump during your commute to work? That way it would still be in the morning but it would be after she nurses in the morning. I always liked pumping during my commute making that time in the...
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    Re: Mastitis lump

    I have something called a lactating adenoma. I did not have mastitis, but did initially think I had a plug. My lo is 33 months and this started when she was @ 24 months. I had never had a plug so...
  18. Re: Pumping output has majorly decreased- working mom

    I had the 9 month slump. I tried everything to get it back up except get a hospital grade pump. I just kept pumping (a bit more frequently when possible) and it seemed to pick up on its own in a...
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    Re: Beer to increase supply?

    Try lactation bars. Yummy and chocolate makes me feel good :) There are tons of recipes online.
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    Re: Pumping at work for an almost 1 yo

    Keep up the good work! I pumped until my dd was 18 months old. I became a sahm after that. I pumped a little less frequently after a year, but always felt good about leaving my milk when I couldn't...
  21. Re: Best bottle to not screw up latch/suck?

    When I went back to work we tried tons of different bottles. Turns out it was just time needed to learn how and we ended up using the bottles that came free with my pump. We spent a lot of money...
  22. Re: can you have plugged duct with no symptoms?

    Mine stayed around because I kept putting strain on it from a lazy nursing position. Then I switched and my back got sore. I really need to hit the gym and work on core strength. :)
    Anyway, best of...
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    Re: Question about bacteria...

    Maybe try spraying on a little vinegar then rinse. If you don't mind the smell.
  24. Re: can you have plugged duct with no symptoms?

    Could it be a strained muscle? I've had to change positioning a bit in the past because I strained a muscle. The pain was just under my breast almost along one rib but seemed to be in my breast as...
  25. Re: Supply decreasing due to pumping at work?

    Overall size if breast does not necessarily indicate flange size. I too thought I needed the smallest but found the middle size actually were a better fit. You may want to double check that you have...
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