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  1. Re: doctor's visit left me angry and wondering...am I wrong?

    UGGH I knew none of it was true!!! I just wish my husband would give me more credit than the doctor, but I suppose I'll have to head back to school and get a medical degree before that'll happen.
  2. Re: doctor's visit left me angry and wondering...am I wrong?

    No actual health concerns! My baby is on the lower weight end, but my doctor clearly reiterated she is not worried at all about her weight. She is early on milestones. I was sitting there like this...
  3. Re: 6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!

    Can never have enough Breastfeeding Advocates in this world!!!!!!!!!
  4. doctor's visit left me angry and wondering...am I wrong?

    Well, as another poster recently said, sometimes I feel like I have to hold in details in order to avoid a :fingerwag when I take my baby to the doctor. I am venting my frustrations, but perhaps I...
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    Re: age and eating frequency

    She comes to work w me 3 days a week and is highly distracted and definitely is happy that I remind her :) But actually, I offer when she normally wants to when we are home. I don't interrupt her...
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    Re: Baby girl doesn't want her veggies

    Well I'll explain how I do and see what you think....So I recently was just giving my girl solids once a day or every couple of days and it was finger food. I really wasn't invested into giving her...
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    Re: Baby girl doesn't want her veggies

    If you sometimes offer her in puree form you could mix veg w fruit. I hear you about the constipation and feel the same about not doing too much too fast. I slowed solids waaay down because my...
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    age and eating frequency

    my baby is in her 8th month, and starting to bite in place of times she would normally eat. I see 2 reasons for it-She currently has two teeth coming in so I know that she could be biting and eating...
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    Re: Advice on Starting to Exercise?

    I started up exercising moderately then vigorously at 5 Mos and my baby never reacted like there was a milk change in any way, no change in my supply. I always worry about not wearing the...
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    Re: Inconsistent Feeds

    is it that she won't feed more than 8 times a day or that you only offer 8 times a day? From my knowledge, for a newborn, 8 times is on the low end, 10 middle 12 good. sometimes even more. She...
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    Re: Help For My Wife

    Could it be that the baby is getting used the ease of finger feeding and becoming impatient when he has to 'work' for the milk at the breast? I've often heard of babies that are supplemented become...
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    Re: Position preference?

    can you feed in a baby carrier? while out and about it is really great
  13. Re: Up all night feeding 5 mo, not sure I can keep this up

    I have found that co sleeping really helped me with night feeds. That whole sitting up getting baby from the crib, feeding sitting upright equated to more disturbance than I realized. We happened to...
  14. Re: Temporarily pumping one side exclusively

    Also, the sandwhich method really really helped me as a part of the problem was that my baby wasn't taking in enough nipple+areola. I know your lc said latch wasn't an issue but this could help you....
  15. Re: Temporarily pumping one side exclusively

    Did she check her upper lip for a lip tie? My baby has it and I had a very tough road for three months. After a huge crack that wasn't healing when she was 3/4 weeks old I exclusively pumped on that...
  16. frequency of poop=not ready for solids?

    In her 6 mos we introduced solids mainly vegs. A couple times a lil apple. but since my baby goes 3-4 days without a good poop.she is in her 7 mos now. Is this a sign that her system isn't ready?...
  17. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    Hi filmmommy,
    I had a very mysterious 'is it mastitis, plug' issue once and I didn't want to take antibiotics nor didn't need to really because I wasn't sure of what was going on. I had all...
  18. Re: Should I introduce formula? Traveling to another countr

    I just wanted to say that you aren't the only one with paranoia. I left my baby for dinner with a friend and was thinking hours before I left, 'what if I got stuck in the metro for hours and hours...
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    Re: Vitamin D?

    lllKaren posted this a few weeks ago and I found it very helpful



    The not-often-discussed issue of Vitamin D deficiency in...
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    soup in a bottle lol

    My husband came home and told me his co worker who is 4 mos pregnant read in some book that a trick to keep a baby asleep longer at night is to feed them a bottle of very thin soup/mixed with milk...
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    Re: blood blister

    So the blister popped the day after I posted, didn't need to intervene. I noticed feeling full still after the baby ate so I feel that the blister covered up ducts but I kept feeding her and...
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    Re: saved breastmilk expiration help

    man!! I just read this post and last week I threw out 3mo old milk. I've always only heard 3 months...
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    blood blister

    I got a blood blister on my nipple, if I keep nursing on it will it pop and get better or do I need to do something? The pain is ok.
  24. Re: Been advised to stop breastfeeding 2yr3month old daughte

    that is a very harsh thing for your doctor to suggest! Shame on that doctor
    as for the paed, gyno, gp etc it does sound like social input, not medical advice and to this I would suggest shut it out...
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    Re: exercise stunting weight loss?

    same experience joshanrachel. super frustrating esp when you carve out time and effort to exercise and are excited to be back to normal. I chalked it up to rebuilding muscle, but after a month I did...
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