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    Re: 10 mo constant nursing is hard on me

    Hmmm good thinking- he's definitely teething. I guess that could be it. I have given tylenol and/or motrin before bed and it really hasn't affected the early morning wakeup. It would be great if...
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    10 mo constant nursing is hard on me

    I'm not even sure what my question is, but just wondering if anyone has had this experience. My 10 month old has been more obsessed with the boob than ever before and its actually getting a bit hard...
  3. Possible that one breast is drying up?

    Some background...my child is 8 1/2 months old, was exclusively breastfed until 6 months when he started eating some solids. I nurse on demand, so he drinks milk all day long when I'm with him and...
  4. Why does baby sleep better with dad? (Long)

    My son is just about 5 weeks old and is doing great but I would like to get some advice and perspective about our nursing habits. From the beginning, my babe was a snacker. He would feed for 8-10...
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