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  1. Re: My 13-month-old hates solids. Need help with a picky eater!

    I'd concentrate on finding a protein that he likes, since I imagine you are trying to have solids be the majority of his diet. What have you tried besides tempeh? DS is crazy for veggie burgers.
  2. Re: Yet another "ped pushing foods at 6 months" thread

    But it still has more iron than most other food, so if it is a choice between rice cereal and other food, rice cereal is better in terms of iron. You have to start foods sometime, and rice cereal has...
  3. how do i get my LO to eat off of dishes without throwing them?

    DS is starting a new daycare after the holidays. His old daycare didn't expect him to eat off of a plate at his age (he'll be 13 months when he starts the new place), so we didn't. His old daycare...
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    Great Eater does a 180 at 12 mos?

    My son has been wonderful, pretty much from day one. Everyone comments on what a great temperament he has.

    He was a GREAT EATER when we started solids at 6 mos. Ate everything. Now, right at 12...
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    Re: Please Help! Ouch!!!

    K, I bought an ace bandage and wrapped it around my boobs last night when I went to sleep and that seems to have helped.

    I can't pump as often as I normally would because the test administrators...
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    Please Help! Ouch!!!

    K, so I am out of town for bar exam. I have to be here till Thursday, get home Thursday evening. I produced a gigantic stash ahead of time & DS is fine with DH & my family watching him. All good...
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    Re: Disturbing reality check.......

    It's not like we let him go hungry. When he likes to eat is how we set the schedule. He gets hungry every afternoon between 4 and 5, so our schedule includes a 4:00 feeding. If he was getting...
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    Re: Disturbing reality check.......

    OK, slow down.

    First, I did NOT say that anyone else should be doing the Ferber method. The original post asked if people's babies were sleeping through the night in their own cribs and how...
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    Re: Disturbing reality check.......

    DS (almost 8 mos) sleeps in his own crib from 8:00 to 7:00 without getting up.

    We did the Ferber method. This is more than CIO, especially if you have an LO that does night feedings. DS wasn't...
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    Re: help with starting solid foods

    I started letting DS play with food around 5 1/2 months, but not actually having meal times or anything. He didn't eat any of it.

    We tried to do baby led solids, but my day care provider wasn't...
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    Re: Starting a new job and need to pump

    I would expect a large law firm to be reasonably accommodating. I would probably talk to HR on the first day, because they may already have a policy of which your particular boss may be unaware.
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    Re: Self-defense!

    I have this sort of problem with my day care provider, who is my aunt. She supports BFing, but wanted to add rice cereal at 2 months and mentioned it every time I picked up DS. I was more...
  13. Re: Help with the end-result of breast feeding

    Put them in the sun. It sounds weird, but I'll swear by it. As long as your baby is exclusively BF, the stains will come out if you just put them in direct sunlight for a few hours or so.

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    Re: Pulling head back

    Your LO is also getting to a more distractable age. DS did this starting around then. See if she focuses more if you go into a quiet, dimly lit room, or throw a blanket over you while she is...
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    Re: Advice on Birth Control Methods While BF

    I can't stand condoms, the regular hormonal BC was bad for my milk supply and the estrogen-free birth control didn't work because it is not strong enough, so we are using spermicidal inserts. But...
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    Re: Traveling w/o LO. What to do?

    No, it is not CA; most states have a 3 day bar exam. I am taking the Ohio bar.

    No, there is no walking back to the hotel. We only get an hour for lunch and it takes me at least 30 minutes to...
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    Re: Traveling w/o LO. What to do?

    I looked at this, but they want me to find a donee, get an agreement signed, get bloodwork done, etc., etc.

    As I mentioned, I have a baby and I am studying for the bar exam. I don't have that...
  18. Re: Running out of ideas... Please give me advice!!

    Have you considered that there may be an overproduction problem? Maybe his is done after 8 minutes. I'd recommend trying block feeding for a week or so to see if that makes it better.
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    Traveling w/o LO. What to do?

    I am taking the bar exam at the end of July. I have to make a three hour drive and stay in a hotel for three nights, so DS is staying home with Daddy. My sister is going to come help out since DH...
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    Re: 7 month sleeping pattern

    DS is almost 7 months.

    Up at 7-8am
    Nap 10-ish (30 min)
    Nap 1pm-ish (1-2 hrs)
    Occassional nap 4pm-ish (max 30 min)
    Bed promptly at 8
    But he wakes up at least 2 times every night and lately a...
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    Re: Playtex Drop In Liners - Ok to freeze?

    I use the drop in liners with the little blue plastic top parts and freeze them all the time. That is what our daytime caregiver prefers, because she doesn't want to be pouring milk in to bottles and...
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    Re: where do you wash your pump at work?

    I use the Medela wipes. They sell them at my Target and they are disposable and don't require water. I was pumping at law school until late May and now I am pumping at the bar review course at the...
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    Re: solids routine

    DS is a little over 6 months, so we just started solids. I was thinking of doing BLS, but we don't have the time to cook completely separate foods and DS can't eat what we eat (low-calorie,...
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    Suddenly Sore at 6 months?

    I have been happily breastfeeding since DS was born. We haven't really had any serious problems. But in the past week, my nipple have gotten kind of sore. They are not cracked, burning, or anything...
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    Re: Chocolate


    IMO, things are getting carried away with all the stuff they tell you not to have. No caffeine, no chocolate, no aspartame, no alcohol, no WHATEVER. Somebody also told me to watch how...
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