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    Re: Vitamins after 1 year?

    We still do the drops too, per pediatrician rec.
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    Re: Having to apologize for bf at 2yrs

    I can totally relate. I haven't had to explain that I'm "still"BFing my 15-mo old, but we haven't been at another family members house when she has wanted to nurse for a while. My MIL is the worst....
  3. Re: 12 months but feeling empty during day?

    Yes, I'm feeling much less full now too. I think our bodies have adjusted plus babies are getting more (most?) of their nutrition from solids. The good thing is that your body will continue to...
  4. Re: A little sinky downstairs :( Help mamma of baby girls!

    Is this new or has it always been that way? If it were my dd, I would take her to ped to rule out a yeat infection or anything of that nature. I've read that even bubble bath can cause them. Trust...
  5. 15 mos and nursing every hour after getting vaccine

    Yet another reason we are glad to "still" be breastfeeding. DD got two vaccines (shots) yesterday and has been really clingy all day today and wanting to nurse almost every hour.

    I'm glad we...
  6. Re: Damaged nipple, continuing to feed, advice?

    Hi there, this same thing happened to me with my first child when I was BFing him 6 years ago. At the advice of a nurse, I rented a hospital gradepump and pumped the damaged side until it was healed...
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    Re: Almost at the 1year mark

    Congrats! Im at one yr mark too!
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    Re: Sleep Regression at 12 months?

    We are having a very similar problem with lack of sleep. I'm hoping tonight will be better. How can you tell which teeth it is? Ie, how do you know if it's molars?
  9. Re: Getting ready to cross the one-year mark; need support!

    This are GREAT articles, thank you Meg! I plan to print them and give to MIL.
  10. Re: Getting ready to cross the one-year mark; need support!

    Thanks so much mamas!

    As for MIL, she came from the generation when NOBODY BF, so I think part of it is doubt in her part that baby is getting the right amount of nutrition. The other part is that...
  11. Re: Please help! Unhealed sores on boobies..

    Would a breast shield help until they heal? I've never used one but thought perhaps this might help.
  12. Getting ready to cross the one-year mark; need support!

    DD will be one in another week and I'm nowhere near ready to wean. So thankful for LLL so I don't feel all alone in this, but still feel like I'm one of so few.

    MIL has been making comments for...
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    Re: 10 month old self weaning? Help!

    It's gotta be those teeth. Might be uncomfortable right now. Keep pumping and offering and my guess is eventually those teeth will pop through and shell get back on track. Good luck momma.
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    RSV at 10 mos, decreased appetite

    Our dd has had a bad bout of colds that turned into RSV, which I hear is fairly common. Her appetite has decreased and she's not sleeping great. Anyone else have this? Any tips or suggestions?

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    Re: I hate pumping

    Had to try a smaller post this time because I posted a long message earlier while pumping at work, and it was deleted before posting.

    I'm back to work after being off for a few weeks due to the...
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    I hate pumping

    There, I've said it.
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    Re: Nursing Necklace

    Check out http://www.mommynecklaces.com/
  18. great sleeping newborn stopped sleeping

    Our 7mo dd was a great sleeper as a newborn and almost immediately started sleeping through the night, from 9p to 5 or 6a. we were thrilled since our DS was such a terrible sleeper from the start.
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