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    Re: Pumping with "Whisper Breast Pump" ?

    I had this pump in 2003 and while I loved the idea it never worked for me. I pumped and pumped with it and never got more than probably 2 ounces total from ALL pumping sessions. (Not in one session,...
  2. Re: seeking EBF advice: skinny baby refusing solids

    I should have read the entire thread before posting. Will she drink ebm from a cup while you are gone at work?
  3. Re: seeking EBF advice: skinny baby refusing solids

    Is your doctor suggesting ice cream because he thinks she'll eat it more readily? And the butter soaked cheerios sounds bizarre to me!

    I understand the wanting to get her to eat but your ped...
  4. Re: Come on! We have to have a cute stories thread!

    We have so many cute stories but I think my favorite so far has been watching him as he's gotten older ask me to nurse his various animals, dinosaurs and "Guys" (Any people figure toy) And watching...
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    Re: definition of extended BF

    People are so uninformed about bf in this country. :( That's sad that 8 months is considered extended nursing. I got the same junk when Brett was an infant. People eventually just stopped asking...
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