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  1. Re: nothing works - foreceful letdown

    Hi again romansmom,

    First of all in answer to your question " Does it get easier?" ........Yes :-) I promise it does!

    The first 6-8 weeks are the most demanding but once through that period...
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    Re: Small amount of cereal in bottle

    I suppose my main concern here would be the case of the virgin gut theory. The WHO recommends that nothing other than breastmilk be given to infants under 6 months ( no water, juice, formula...
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    Re: burping

    My two rarely needed burping. Once they finished the first breast I would see if they needed to burp and if nothing came up I'd leave it and offer the next side. Neither were windy babies thank...
  4. Re: should I wait for signs of hunger or just offer breast anyway?

    I have to say I always followed my dd and ds lead on feeding. I never clock watched and trusted that they would let me know if they were hungry and they did. I successfully bf ds for 13mths and am...
  5. Re: nothing works - foreceful letdown

    Sorry you're going through a bit of a tough patch at the moment.
    Firstly formula is not the answer. One thing to remember is that there is always a breastfeeding answer to a...
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    Re: green poop concern

    If you're making sure he finishes the first breast first I wouldn't worry too much as at least you know it's not a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. I know the occasional green nappy isn't a problem once...
  7. Re: how often does a 3 week old need to eat at night?

    I have to say I never woke either of my two at night to feed - I always followed their lead and trusted that they would wake when they needed to - Under normal circumstances I would say do this...
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    Re: question

    I would agree with the PP and say unless you want to pump for a reason ( build up a supply for a later date) - I would just let your body adapt naturally itself which it will. I never pumped...
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    Re: decreased milk supply?

    Hi trh,
    Firstly I would try and drop the bottles of formula because this will have a negative effect on your milk supply - milk supply works on a supply and demand basis so for each bottle you are...
  10. Re: cow's milk vs. formula at 12 months

    Hi I agree with all that's been said already and just want to add that breastfeeding a toddler is so different to breastfeeding a baby. You could just breastfeed morning and evening if you wanted and...
  11. Re: Nursing 2nd and 3rd Children...

    I have to say second time around it was so much easier because I knew what to expect. Even though first time around I was lucky in that the actual act of breastfeeding came natural to us both and...
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    Re: Two Years!!!!

    Happy Birthday to your little man:clap

    And congratulations to you for giving him such a fantastic start in life so far:hug
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    Re: Dealing with the comments

    Unfortunately we live in a bottle feeding society ( here in Ireland anyway!) and it's just not the 'norm' to bf! I think once you educate yourself ( and anyone else that will listen) that's half the...
  14. Re: Is night feedings ok at 14months??

    Hi, I would say yes once it's ok with you and your LO that's all that matters. In my experience all babies are unique and have different needs. My ds was a 'text book' baby as in with no effort on...
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    Re: supply help PLEASE

    Hi, Well done it all sounds like it's going really well for you both!
    As the other posters have said 'feeling full' is not an indication of how much milk you have. You are six weeks into bf and...
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    Re: supplies - bottles, etc?


    My advice is not to worry at this stage about buying bottles as you won't know until you actually start to bf whether you will use them or not. On my first I made the mistake of thinking that...
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    Poll: Re: How long did you BF??????


    On my ds my intention was only to give bf a go ( no one I knew bf and where I'm from is more of a bottle feeding culture) Anyway when my ds popped out we had skin to skin contact and I had...
  18. Re: Baby seems so unhappy, dont know what to do!

    Oh you poor thing! There are two main considerations when a baby has green watery bowel movements: (1) oversupply and a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, or (2) baby’s reaction to something the mother...
  19. Re: Keeping 4 month old Bottle trained

    Personally for me giving bottles would have taken away the beauty of the ' convenience' of bf. Why put extra work on yourself with sterilising etc if you don't need to? I think we are often mislead...
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    Re: weight gain for 2 week old

    H, sounds perfect to me, one of my favourite articles about weight gain and the breastfed baby is by ' Dr Jay Gordon' and is entitled ' Look at the baby and not the scale'. It makes so much sense,...
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    Re: when can I give lentils?

    Hi, I'm a vegetarian too, and I introduced lentils at between 7 & 8 mths. Started solids at 6mths.
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    Poll: Re: How long did you BF??????

    Hi, I weaned my ds at 13mths ( sorta self weaned with a lil push from me) I was quite ignorant about the benefits of extended bf at the time ( live in Ireland and it's not a bf culture at all and...
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    Re: One side feeding?

    Hi, Just trying to get my head around all the issues.

    Ok so your baby is gaining weight and has plenty of wet and dirty nappies which is good.

    When you say you have always fed from both...
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    Re: Worried

    Hi, I just want to wish you luck with it all and try not to worry as you may have a completely different experience this time around.

    Do you mind me asking what was the reason you were given...
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    Re: Fussy!

    Hi, I'm no expert but I would agree that it could be due to the 6 week growth spurt. One of the common signs is fussing at the breast ( latching on and off again) along with constant feeding.

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