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    4.5 week old and pumping

    My guy is gaining weight well, has plenty of wet and dirty diapers and sleeps well at night (5-6 hours for his first chunk!!!) but I am pumping very little. I know that anything I pump is extra but I...
  2. Re: Milk running out babies nose while feeding

    So this has been happing less lately, but I made an appointment with an ENT anyways. I think sometimes my guy might just be over-eager and can't keep up with the swallowing. Oh babies. Thanks for the...
  3. Re: Milk running out babies nose while feeding

    Thanks for the replies! The ped says his palate looks great, but of course she's so specialist. He doesn't ALWAYS do this milk running out the nose trick. But lately he's been doing it a lot. I...
  4. Milk running out babies nose while feeding


    I EBF my 4 month old and he's had slow weight gain the whole time. What I'm starting to get concerned about is that he routinely leaks milk out his nose while eating. Sometimes its running out...
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