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  1. Re: low milk supply - support (LONG post

    Hugs your way! I was in the same situation, with poor LO practically starving, even though my milk did come in quite forcefully. After weeks of pumping, domp., fenugreek, visits to the LC, etc., we...
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    Re: Formula Suggestion

    Two thoughts - does DH have faith in baby's doctor, and does doctor support BF? If so, get hubby to go along to an appt, if possible, otherwise, just tell him what you know the doctor will say -...
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    Re: my son was starving

    Don't know exactly what your financial status is, but call your local WIC office. They have recently changed the guidelines, and many more people qualify than used to. In our area, nursing is...
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    Re: Weight loss

    Please, please, please don't just count the wet diapers! You have to count the poopy ones, too! If you aren't getting at least one every day or so, (every other day if you are giving any formula,...
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    Re: Visitor Vent

    Not sure MILs age, but most people old enough to be MILs and grandparents respect "the doctor". If your baby's doctor has ever told you to hold off on artificial nipples of any type, use the doctor...
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    Re: How long to pump?

    My LC told me 15 minutes OR 2-3 minutes after the milk slows to one or two drops or stops.
  7. Re: Pump for slow let down and cruddy supply??

    By the way, you mentioned the pump just working on the nipple. That may mean you need a larger size flange. Your nipple should not be rubbing against the tube. Check with the lactation consultant...
  8. Re: Pump for slow let down and cruddy supply??

    My friend, a NICU nurse, suggested pumping in the bath or shower! The tubing on the pump is long enough to keep the pump itself away from the water. If you have an outlet in the bathroom in a...
  9. Re: At what point can I quit without feeling like a horrible mommy?

    Thanks for all the help!

    So far, we have figured out that baby is a lazy sucker. He nurses well at night, when the flow is abundant, but not otherwise. Today, he nursed for 30 minutes, kept...
  10. Re: I think my baby likes the bottles better than the breast!

    Two suggestions, sweetie!

    Try a nipple shield for a little while. If baby is used to the silicon nipple, then the shield may get him to start nursing on the breast. Once he has the milk flowing,...
  11. At what point can I quit without feeling like a horrible mommy?

    My first child was a perfect nurser. We had no problems at all and nursed happily until he was 3.

    This time around is a nightmare. LO is 6 1/2 weeks. He spent his first week in NICU, so we were...
  12. Re: refusal to bottle...start back to work next week, help!

    We've had to give our baby supplemental bottles due to poor milk supply. He prefers the new Breastflow bottles - the have a weird double nipple, but baby has to suck it like he sucks at the breast -...
  13. Re: Nursing laying down better or worse for a pukey baby?

    My first spit up terribly! I ended up reclining in bed propped up with him. Then, an adult friend who had reflux suggested adjusting the bed the way his doctor had suggested for his reflux. You...
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