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    Re: Please get your toe out of my ear...

    This made me laugh. And I also find it maddening when my DS squeezes my tummy fat. But then again, it's the most pleasure anyone's gotten out of those soft, squishy parts that my culture loves to...
  2. Re: How do you respond to someone who thinks..

    My son is 21 months and we nurse in public--at the zoo, airport, park, at daycare, museums. I've never had an unkind word. Or even strange glances. And this kid asks for it by name and loudly,...
  3. nursing down--unbreakable latch--what are your tricks?

    I have a 21 mo old. We nurse down--for naps and night time. Often he'll nurse, sigh, and roll over on his own. Or he'll fall asleep long enough that he'll loosen up and I can break the latch...
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    Re: Why I'm Thankful for Toddler Nursing

    Wow! This is my situation exactly. My son had the flu recently and I thought I'd go through every towel in the house with all the vomiting. The nurse was giving stupid advice like, "give him the...
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    Re: What do you call them? (for LO?)

    My 20 month old says, "Nurse!" and has abbreviated "nurse more" into "murse!" as well as n'night and nures into "n'nurse!"
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    stop nursing during vomiting?

    My son is vomiting. Anything that does down--bm, pedialyte, crackers, etc.

    I found this useful thread on Kellymoms: My baby is sick - should I continue to breastfeed?.

    Which, of course,...
  7. Re: Do you find it creepy when they talk about it?

    Argh! I hate, hate, hate it when people say this! As if anyone should be disqualified from getting what they want/need once they can identify and vocalize it!

    :rant (Have I gone on this rant...
  8. Re: Do you find it creepy when they talk about it?

    I enjoyed reading this thoughtful thread. My DS can clearly say "nurse?" at 18 months. At first I wanted a code word but I've become fine with being out-and-proud nursing mom. I know it's helped...
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    Re: no wt gain in 3 months

    My son didn't gain any weight either between his 15 and 18 mo check up, although he got taller. He's now about 32 inches and 22 pounds. I got the same advice from the doctor--give him lots of food...
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    Re: 18 mo- night nursing

    My son just turned 18 months and this describes us exactly. Nurse to sleep in a king-sized bed. Usually I have a couple of hours to do whatever. Then he rouses and I nurse him back down. He...
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    men on the phone chatting about BF

    My husband is on the phone right now, talking to his brother about breastfeeding. We have a 16 month old son; they have a 1 month old. They're chatting away about milk supply, when and how to...
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    Re: runny nose, and breastfeeding.

    Saline nose spray will help break up the gunk, too. I use it when my son gets stuffy.
  13. Re: baby not napping at daycare - sleeping all night!

    My son is having the same experience. He's at DC 8-4 M-F. Often he gets home and falls right asleep after nursing.

    He gets home and wants to nurse right away. And then he falls fast asleep. I...
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    How much water?

    How much water does your kiddo drink a day?

    Just wondering...
  15. Re: Help -baby thinks I'm a human pacifier!

    This sounds familiar to me, too. Sometimes I find that my son is roused out of sleep/ready to nurse when my breast is near. I think he can smell it. If I just skootch a few inches away from him,...
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    Re: extended bf and daycare

    Thanks, everyone, for sharing your experience and offering such good advice. Today (Friday) is the end of our first week! The first day I dropped him off at 8:30 and stayed and played until 11:30. ...
  17. Re: 12 mo starting day care--skip giving EBM?

    One possibility that I only considered recently is eventually sending DS to daycare *without any breastmilk* but rather allowing him to drink water and rice milk and eat solids while there. And then...
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    Re: what to do?

    A while ago I read My Child Won't Eat! by Carlos Gonzalez. It had lots of good information, especially on feeding your child at his own pace. And he said that any child will not likely starve...
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    Re: extended bf and daycare

    Wow! I never considered simply giving DS rice milk or water during the day and leaving nursing only for at home. That's a real shift in thinking for me, since I never considered those options and...
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    Re: We made it to a year, too!

    PS--breastfeeding at this age seems so natural that I wondered at one point, "oh, well maybe extended bf starts at two..."
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    We made it to a year, too!

    It’s official—my son and I have made it to a year today!

    Here are some of the high points:

    * After the initial trouble with jaundice, formula supplementation, and nipple confusion, we sorted it...
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    Re: no friends who bf

    I just wanted to send out some support for you. I have a few bf friends and go to LLL meetings occasionally. But most of my friends have no children at all, and so bf is just a world of confusion...
  23. Re: 12 mo starting day care--do you have advice?

    Thanks for the additional information. I think I will try to pop in for lunch at least initially. Although if I can work going there during the lunch hour every day and skipping pumping totally (or...
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    Re: extended bf and daycare

    These are all really thoughtful and useful replies, thank you. I overlooked mentioning that my son is allergic to both dairy and soy, so right now we can't replace with either whole milk or formula....
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    extended bf and daycare

    In two days, I'll be able to say that we've made it to one year! But before I pat myself on the back, I'd like to address something that worries me.

    My son will be going to daycare from about...
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