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    Re: My friend needs help

    if the child is 8 months old it should be getting food after feedings. That seems normal to me.
    Is he reaching developmental milestones? This is a better indication of growth. How big is she, is she...
  2. Re: Any side effects on dom? Encouragement needed.

    I had side effects. But it does work. I had abdominal cramping and odd coloured stools. I felt like someone had hit me in the gut with a sledge hammer. But for the first time in my nursing I had very...
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    Re: Advice needed

    have you tried going to a sex store and getting nipple desensitizing cream it may help with the pain.
    I know what u are going trough. My son was born and got very ill when he was 15 days old. I also...
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    Re: Need help fast!!!!!!!!!!!

    have you asked your lactaion consultant about a device (im sorry I dont know the name of it) that you put formula in a bag hang the bag around your neck and a tube comes out of the bag and attaches...
  5. Re: Now that I need more I have less to spare!

    I agree. It sounds like your body has just adjusted to your baby's needs.
    At 4 months, my son was reaching for food off my plate too. He was (and still is) a good eater. If you think that your babe...
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