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  1. Areola pain after plugged duct

    First of all, yay! I get to post in the Infant forum as my DD is 4.5 months old, lol.

    So I have successfully been able to pump at work twice every day (separated for 9 hours), consistently...
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    Re: Night nursing (4.5 month old)

    Aww... I say keep nursing the little one for that feeding. When it's many night feedings, it gets exhausting. But just one feeding? This is a special moment when your little one is thinking of...
  3. Re: Breastfeeding, antibiotics & expressing question

    I think there must be some alternative to the metrogyl you have been prescribed. There exist literally hundreds of diferrent antibiotics. Please call your doctor ASAP so you can switch to another one...
  4. Re: Confused about using both breasts

    My baby had only been taking 1 side at each feed for the first 4 months. Now for the first time she is taking both, but I can tell she is not "finishing" the second side. My son pretty much was...
  5. Re: literally going bald???? anyone else have this


    What she said.
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    Re: No Weight Gain

    I have been following your thread, and my heart just aches for you. Truly. I don't have all the answers, but I have at least some thoughts for you.

    1. Did you double and triple check on a...
  7. Re: Help! Milk supply dropping fast after going back to work

    You need to take a "milk day" or two, or three, whatever you are able.

    This means taking off from work and just nursing baby directly the whole day. It is very hard to increase your supply...
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    Re: freezer stash question

    This depends on lots of factors including mom's supply and work schedule especially part or full time. For me since I'm pretty much full time, I like a larger stash. Things are going great now (4...
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    Re: starting to panic!

    Soblessed, just want you to know that I am right there in the same boat as you. I had a violent case of food poisoning with vomiting every 20 minutes for 12 hours straight. I kept no liquids down...
  10. Re: Baby refuses bottles - help please!

    I'm so sorry about your situation. I was there just a few weeks ago. I posted about this recently, and have chipped and pasted my success post here. Although we finally got her to take a bottle, ...
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    Re: Help increasing milk supply!

    The reason your milk supply has dropped is most likely from reasons unrelated to the birth control or your period. Likely your milk supply has dropped due to one of the other common reasons milk...
  12. Re: Swollen Nipple/Areola/Breast - Pumping

    I'm so glad you tried nursing it the plugged duct. I have been there, done that with my first child. It war only then that I truly believed that pumping was not as effective as nursing. I tried...
  13. Re: Pumping supplies need to be sterilized each time?

    Okay, that's what's I was doing as well. For example, if the pump parts fell on the floor or if the oldest kid put them in his mouth. Thanks!
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    Re: Milk reserves

    100% you have not ruined your milk supply by not pumping that one time. Even if you had missed a handful of sessions, you still would be just fine. Producing 2 ounces after 2 sessions is great.
  15. Re: Pumping supplies need to be sterilized each time?

    Is it recommended to sterilize pump parts at all after the initial sterilization? If you diligently wash pump parts with soap and water after returning home from work each day, is it necessary to...
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    Re: increasing supply

    Wanted to give you another ray of hope: I am another success story when it comes to increasing a dwindling milk supply. I actually have had oversupply with both of my kids (8-9 oz every 4 hrs), so...
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    Re: dropped percentile

    :duck I must admit, I'm a little embarrassed. Turns out, my daughter is gaining just fine...

    First of all, I am returning half the gadgets I bought. After I gently reminded my husband about the...
  18. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    Congrats! I thought about you the other day, glad things are going well! Thanks for keeping us updated.

    While my son is still nursing once daily, he is getting increasingly annoyed by this...
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    Re: How to sleep for BF working mom

    :) Although I realize this could exacerbate my slight oversupply, I sometimes have to pump in the morning because sleepy-pants DD is snoozing away next to me in bed.
  20. Poll: Re: How much time does your baby nurse at every session?

    Both of my kids nursed for 10 minutes each session as newborns and 5 minutes after about week 8. This is if they are awake. If they doze off after nursing, maybe 5 minutes more.
  21. Re: 8 WO - Shallow Latch, can it improve?(LONG!)

    First of all, you get a standing applause from me! You are one determined lady, it is obvious that your journey so far has not been easy. Your child is very, very lucky to have you, as many before...
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    Re: What is going on??

    TOTALLY NORMAL!!! This is called "the witching hours!" The majority of babies have this exact same behavior, usually in the evenings weeks they are young. If you look at the time of my post, I am...
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    Re: funny question?

    I just googled "elf on the shelf." LOL! My children make similar faces before nursing... you are right, simultaneously creepy and heartwarming. I simply cannot wait until my daughter (11 weeks) is a...
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    Re: dropped percentile

    Thank you for the reply, maddieb. Yes, I am trying to concentrate on her overall look, rather than just "the numbers." I am using the who charts, but you just made me stop and think, I wonder if...
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    Re: How to sleep for BF working mom

    No mom should feel bad about whether baby sleeps in the family bed or in a crib. Different things work for different families, and even for different babies within the same family.

    I personally...
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