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  1. Re: EBF, won't take bottle, introducing sippy cup?

    My 5.5 month old has been a bugger about randomly refusing bottles! He rarely ever gets one. I bought a sippy by Nuby that is a staged type. It has a bottle like nipple, and comes with the next...
  2. Weight gain issue please please help!

    I am sick right now I am so upset. I have had a long road with bf my son, he is 5.5 months old now. He nursed hourly for 4-4.5 months or so, leaving me with 20-40 min to do anything at all. It was...
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    Returning to work help

    Hello ladies! I am hoping you can give me some guidance here! I am hoping to return to work, probably 12 hr shifts soon and would like to keep up with my little mans needs. Right now he's 2 months...
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    Re: Frequent feeding

    First of all thank you, sometimes all you need is to hear its normal and won't last. I don't have a sling I have a wrap and we do use it, probably not enough. I have gotten as far as nursing in my...
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    Frequent feeding

    Hi there, I have lurked around here for a bit and got some good advice and tips. I am posting because I need suppourt I guess. My son is 2 months old (9wks) and I have been breastfeeding him. He...
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