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  1. Re: Reverse Cycling, Night Waking, and Needing to Be Functional

    co-sleeping...is the only way i can function while still night time nursing my 2 year old twins...i go to bed at 8 when they do and stay in bed till 6 am when they wake up. during that 10 hour...
  2. Re: Please help. Turning 1 tomorrow and not that interested in solids

    my daughter was/is exactly like urs. her twin bro is the opposite--all into solids. both are perfctly healthy.

    to entice her i fed her off my fingers at first-she was more open to this than to...
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    Re: And then he was TWO.

    that was beautiful rockstar momma. i so love the way u share ur journey. as always u inspire me.
    your cousin
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    Re: Musings from DJ's year book.

    My dearest "rockstar" cousin, I love that you take the time to reflect on your amazing growth as a human being. It has been an honor and a blessing to see you go through this journey! One year ago...
  5. Re: Preemie: Nursing 15 times a day for about 10-15 minutes each

    i'm a mom of preemie twins (exclusively breastfed for 4 months so far) and I had about 6 weeks of those fussy nights! at times i thougt we wouldn't make it. but you got great advise from the...
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    Re: Please help, twins 6 weeks premature

    Have you been using a nursing supplementer on the days when he does not want to nurse?

    The nursing supplementer is strongly encouraged over other means of supplementing, such as bottles,...
  7. Re: Boobs still sore after 4 weeks...about to stop!

    As a new mom of twins I too struggled with this. I strongly encourage you to make sure you don't have thrush, mine had no symptoms in the babies mouths and only a bit of yeast rash on my son and the...
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