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  1. Re: 15 days old newborn and crying mom desperately need help

    Is it possible that your wee one wants to suck but doesn't really want the milk that comes with? She instinctually knows that sucking makes her feel good (so she roots) but sometimes the milk makes...
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    Dry Nursing during Pregnancy - Ouch!

    I'm currently twenty weeks pregnant and still dry-nursing my two year 3-4 times a day, does anybody have any suggestions for decreasing the pain factor?

    My LO has never had a great latch but it...
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    Re: Feeling lost

    Just a thought (and I'm not half as knowledgeable as the other lovely ladies here!) but do you eat meals with your LO or does he "eat" on his own? I'm a huge believer in family mealtimes as both a...
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    Mastitis or Cold Symptom?

    My LO is almost twelve months old and over the weekend I started to come down with a cold and also noticed that I had a particularly tender and sore breast (almost like it was bruised). I was...
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    Re: 9 mo not having secure latch

    My LO did this when she was getting her first four teeth, my take is that it's basically baby adjusting to the new sensations and teeth in their mouth when nursing. Her latch would usually return to...
  6. Re: Milk running out babies nose while feeding

    I had this problem until my LO was about six weeks old and the IBCLC I saw said it was a result of a poor latch and oversupply. Basically my milk was flowing faster than baby could swallow it down...
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    Re: Improving latch of an older baby

    Baby had a tongue and lip tie cut at seven and eight weeks respectively which definitely helped with feeding and we had four sessions with an osteopath when she was under a month old.

    I think part...
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    Improving latch of an older baby

    Does anybody have any suggestions for improving the latch of my five month old?

    DD is ebf and although her latch has never been 100% it has recently deteriorated with the onset of teething and...
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