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    Re: 3 month old night nursing

    This is normal sleep cycle for a three month old.
    If you are not bedsharing, is that something you would feel comfortable considering? Make sure you know the issues of safety. See:...
  2. Re: Going Cold Turkey From Bottle to Breast

    I think the problem is the idea of suddenly stopping all bottles (and pumping?) You do not mention how much (ounces) baby is supplemented currently, but based on that schedule it appears baby is at...
  3. Re: Oversupply/allergy problem, nipple shield frustration (l

    As far as:

    I don't know the answer to this. I DO think you without a doubt have some overproduction and forceful letdown going on. But need you DO anything about it, even if the blood in stool IS...
  4. Re: Oversupply/allergy problem, nipple shield frustration (l

    Your baby is healthy and gaining. So the blood in the stool is almost certainly not a sign of a severe medical issue and is in no way a reason to stop nursing!= or give your baby anything besides...
  5. Re: Bottles and nipples advice for returning to work

    I agree with pp. The point of paced feeding is it give baby control- if baby wants milk "faster" baby can indicate that and pauses can be shorter if that is what baby wants. but trying to mimic how...
  6. Re: Being apart from 2.5 year old for 4 days

    Here is my experience.
    When my middle child was 2 years old I took a four day out of town trip. I most definitely did NOT want him to wean, but knew it was a risk. Or rather, I knew it was a risk...
  7. Re: Sleeps at the breast, then wakes up screaming for food..

    yes you are right this sounds odd- It sounds like incomplete advice, rather than actually incorrect.... But even incomplete advice can be very harmful.

    I am glad the more frequent nursing...
  8. Re: Feeding Difficulties- Need Some Advice

    Hi and welcome!

    So, I think you have very abundant production and also, Your baby is eating way to much perhaps? 4 ounces every 2 hours around the clock is 48 ounces a day- 25-30 total ounces a...
  9. Re: Bottles and nipples advice for returning to work

    Paced bottle feeding And Safe milk handling: http://www.llli.org/docs/0000000000000001WAB/WAB_Tear_sheet_Toolkit/23_safehandling_storageofyour_milk.pdf

    Video: ...
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    Re: 13 hour feeding

    I agree with everyone that marathon nursing sessions especially in first couple of months can be entirely normal. However, they might also indicate an issue with baby being able to extract milk...
  11. Re: Trying to night wean a 2 year old...


    I don't think sleep necessarily does 'get better' after night weaning. It might, and it might not. My personal experience of night weaning my oldest at 17 months was that it was with great...
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    Re: pumping in public places

    I think it would be interesting to discuss this issue with pump manufactures, who have a vested interest in their customers not being arrested or harassed.

    if you Search pumping in public online,...
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    Re: Welcome! Please read before posting

    Hi Pumafish.

    I am not sure this is the right place to be asking your questions- you are entirely welcome to start your own thread in this section and you will probably generate more responses...
  14. Re: I think my milk supply is really dropping- 12 months

    okay I'm sorry your post sounded like you were concerned about your milk production. Baby sleeping and not nursing half the day is certainly going to have an impact on milk production especially if...
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    Re: Sleeping too much

    If a baby is gaining well and sleep is not being overly "encouraged" then this might be fine. I agree, 10 hours as a regular thing seems like a very long time for a 3 month old to go without waking...
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    Re: low milk supply plz help

    Hi kanza. Sorry you are having this stress! Unfortunately without a lot more information I am not sure what specific ideas we can offer. Many moms suspect low milk production at around this age even...
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    Re: Back to Work Stress

    Congratulations on expecting a baby! Okay I'm not sure if someone mentioned this. But are you saying that you're planning to work a 12 hour shift and only pump once when your baby is six weeks old? I...
  18. Re: 23 lb. 4 month old EBF.. Is this normal?

    For this age I always stuck with plain old elastic waistband pants. I like those adjustable waistband ones for when kids are walking around.
    I would get the size that fit comfortably in the waist...
  19. Re: I don't want to give up. Pls help.

    Again don't assume that there's anything wrong with your milk production. If it really is true the baby is not gaining normally and I think the jury is still out on that- it may be because baby is...
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    Re: Is it diarheoa??

    Of course you probably want to consult with your baby's physician if you're really concerned that baby is Ill. But in my opinion this sounds entirely normal. Perhaps the more frequent poops are due...
  21. Re: I think my milk supply is really dropping- 12 months

    This all sounds normal to me. Nursing frequency can vary quite a bit at this age, and it is certainly normal to not feel full. If it does turn out that babies weight gain is off, don't let anyone...
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    Re: Is This Forceful Letdown


    How old is baby now? How is she doing? Is she home or still in hospital? How are you doing, physically, overall health wise?

    I think a lactation aid as pp suggests is a good idea. Have...
  23. Re: What do you do when LO is hungry&sleepy together to nurs

    Ok thanks for the more info-so it sounds like you are saying your baby is having what is commonly (but erroneously imo) called "nipple confusion" or "bottle preference?"

    Don't take it...
  24. Re: Sleeps at the breast, then wakes up screaming for food..

    This is why I asked how much (how many ounces total) baby is being supplemented each day. It is vital to keep track of this. You 'try to" keep bottles to an ounce, and they are after every...
  25. Re: Baby Throws Up When She Eats Solids

    Maybe baby is just not ready for solids yet?

    Here is how I look at it. Gag reflex, like the tongue thrust, is a protective reflex. So why not let it protect her.

    To be clear I am not against...
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