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  1. Re: Have you heard this one...?

    :helpOkay, I got "AF", but what's "RRTL"??
  2. Re: Have you heard this one...?

    I have no idea what half those acronyms stood for. Can someone help translate "AF" and "RRLT"... I'm a newbie. :shrug
  3. Re: Have you heard this one...?

    I'm pregnant... raging hormones! My supply always dropped before my period would start, but this month my period DIDN'T start, so my low supply is just lasting a little bit longer. Mornings are...
  4. Re: Have you heard this one...?

    So, if DS is emptying breast, and supply is still low, should I be pumping 2-3 times a day after his nursing for 10-15 minutes? Or no?
  5. Have you heard this one...?

    I've been trying to get my milk supply up, and have been consulting a lactation specialist. She told me NOT to pump because pumping doesn't help increase milk supply. WHAT!?!?!? Everthing I read...
  6. Still nusing 7mo old... and PREGNANT!

    I am so frustrated with these boobs of mine! I am now 5 weeks pregnant and still nursing a 7 month old, but my milk supply is dismal, and I don't want to stop nursing until he's 1yo. These hormones...
  7. Re: Help with a very distracted baby!

    Don't yell at me ladies...

    I'm a little old school, so when my kids go through this phase, I just stop the feeding session (if they're utterly distracted and torturing me) and put them down to...
  8. Re: BF GREAT! Refuses BM bottles while I am at work.

    Have you tried different nipples? My son hated the silicone, so I switched to laytex, and he liked that a lot better. Has your husband tried feeding baby in a nursing position (on side and facing...
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