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    soft light yellow stools?!

    I have a 13 1/2 month old. We went on a trip to a waterpark Tues and Wed with his older half siblings. Yesterday (Thurs ) he had a blow out stool with a very pale yellow (grey poupon consistency)...
  2. Re: Help!!! Working Mom & Diminishing Su

    I am thinking he is being overfed..... He is at the sitters about 8 hours and gets fed about 12 ounces. I feed him an hour to an hour and a half before dropping him off. My husband picks him up...
  3. Re: Help!!! Working Mom & diminishing su

    Thanks everyone! I already asked about bringing someone with me but it's not an option. I have to share a room with a co-worker during my business trips and with being off from work and getting...
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    Re: Anxiety over pumping at work

    I think it is great that you have an office to use. I have my own office at work and when I returned I was extremely open about it. Most people don't say a thing, or I joke about it to make light...
  5. Help!!! Working Mom & diminishing supply

    I recently went back to work on jan 3rd and am finding it extremely difficult to keep my supply sufficient enough for my lo. My sitter (sister-in-law) says he is eating about 4oz per feeding which...
  6. Re: How to prepare for my return to work

    Thank you everyone for your help! I will start pumping after breastfeeding to see what I can get for sure and thank you for the help in knowing about how much baby will drink each day. That helps...
  7. Re: How to prepare for my return to work

    I have the Medela Freestyle backpack pump
  8. How to prepare for my return to work

    I will be returning back to work on Jan 3rd. My son will be about 6 1/2 weeks old. I have not been storing any of my pumping sessions for that time because since my son is just 4 weeks old today I...
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