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  1. Re: 13 month old nurses a million times a day

    Sonogirl, this sounds about right. Let me tell you, it's SO encouraging to hear I'm not the only one! I really think she'd be latched just about all day if I'd let her. And because I'm mostly a SAHM,...
  2. Re: 13 month old nurses a million times a day

    Oh gosh, rucciccio, I'm so sorry about your pregnancy loss. What an emotionally complicated experience. So many of us have been there, which only allows us to know that no one has been exactly where...
  3. Re: 13 month old nurses a million times a day

    It's so nice to hear I'm not alone! I definitely have a smaller capacity – she nursed every 1-2 hours before solids. I guess I'm wondering when solids will start to make some significant portion of...
  4. 13 month old nurses a million times a day

    My lovely, great-gaining 13 month old is an avid nurser. She nurses probably 8-10 times a day and (I'm kind of embarrassed to admit) through both naps and from 3-6am many nights. It's good. Sometimes...
  5. Re: Help my 11.5 mo old is biting when latching on

    My one year old occasionally nips me just as she's latching on. What's worked for us is to make sure that she is positioned well below my nipple so that she has to tip her head way back and reach up...
  6. Re: Hand pump or hand expressing

    Thanks, folks!
    Tclynx, I'm not really looking to increase supply & I did do mega-pumping when my baby was new, but now I'm just hoping to maintain the trickle I have in my left breast (and insure...
  7. Re: Hand pump or hand expressing

    3littlesprouts, you have me thinking I might not have my technique exactly right -- there's definitely areola involved here. I might need to check YouTube to get some tips!
  8. Re: Hand pump or hand expressing

    A bowl definitely beats the pump flange! Thanks. Now any thoughts about how to catch all the dribbles? I'm only pumping about 1/2 oz from that breast at night and it's not really coming out in...
  9. Hand pump or hand expressing

    Hi! I'm an infrequent pumper, but as my 1 year old sleeps longer stretches at night I've been pumping on my low-performing side to try to maintain a supply. I have a Pump In Style but it's not nearly...
  10. Re: my baby eats a lot at night every 45 minutes. he is 10,

    Oh mama. I remember those days. 10 weeks is so hard. Waking to eat every 45 minutes is exhausting, to be sure, but not unusual. You're doing a great job of responding to your baby's needs. Our milk...
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    Re: Sometimes I hate nursing

    If nursing to sleep is the problem, can you use a little nursing as part of the wind down, but not as the last step?

    Of course, if anyone has ideas about what to substitute as a last step...I'm...
  12. Re: 5 month old + I have hives while breastfeeding. Anyone e

    Sometimes I get hives from warm sweatiness (actually I get hives at the drop of a hat, but this warm sweatiness seems most relevant here). If I put a blanket between baby & me while nursing it takes...
  13. Re: Too Many Vitamins - Do I need to pump and dump?

    I bet the infant risk hotline can help with this (I really doubt you would have to, but that's a baseless hunch) -- but if you do bottles of pumped milk, you could also dilute the extra-vitamin-milk...
  14. Re: Very rapid weight loss while nursing

    I was also going to mention thyroid issues -- but Mommal beat me to it. My thyroid is only now settling down at 1 year ppd. From what I understand, it's not all that uncommon and pretty easy to...
  15. Re: New and desperate--waking every hour

    Oh, this sounds so hard! You are in the trenches, Mama. For us, 8 months was the very worst because I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. She didn't sleep and didn't sleep and didn't...
  16. Re: Resource for understanding natural weaning

    Great, Ladies, thanks! I just ordered Mothering Your Nursing Toddler (for 1 cent + shipping!). I'll start there. tclynx, we're doing Baby Led Weaning (in the British sense of weaning), too. So...
  17. Resource for understanding natural weaning

    Hi. My baby is almost a year old (!!) and still an avid nurser. Everything is great :) but I find myself a little unsure of how natural, baby led weaning (in the American sense if weaning) occurs....
  18. Re: Nearly 11 mo.: distracted nurser or just nursing less

    Seattlemama, feel free to hijack this thread and tell us some more about your situation -- or start another thread if you'd rather. You've nursed you baby for 9 months already!! That deserves a round...
  19. Re: Nearly 11 mo.: distracted nurser or just nursing less

    I count a letdown as a feed for us.
  20. Re: Nearly 11 mo.: distracted nurser or just nursing less

    Thanks, you guys. I'm just worried because I read somewhere that 10 months is a prime time to accidentally wean (baby gets distracted, doesn't nurse enough, milk dries up...), but I guess I should...
  21. Re: Help! Baby is completely dependent on my breasts!

    Normal, yes. But exhausting! There were some weeks for me, right around 5-6 mo. when I thought I'd lose my mind. And then she'd get a tooth and things would be better for a bit. Or she's sleep well...
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    Re: Nursing to sleep acrobatics

    Exciting Update:
    The go-with-the-flow approach that you all recommended has lead to Baby eventually falling asleep WITHOUT A NIPPLE IN HER MOUTH twice in the last week. She nurses and flings and...
  23. Nearly 11 mo.: distracted nurser or just nursing less

    Hi. My now almost 11 m.o. is gaining well, etc.
    She's eating more solids & during the day nursing far less. So, that all seems normal. But I also know that this is the prime age for distracted...
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    Re: Nursing to sleep acrobatics

    Thanks for all the suggestions! The past couple times now I took your suggestion to move some of the bedtime routine to the bed & that seems to work. She's flinging around while we're reading stories...
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    Nursing to sleep acrobatics

    When I lay down next to my 10 m.o. to nurse her to sleep she often spends 20 minutes or so happily flinging herself around the bed. She babbles and rolls and twists and tries to engage me in smiling,...
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