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    Re: postpartum anxiety

    Hey there Andi, I am so glad that you found what is best for you. :hug That is THE most important thing.

    I'll be thinking about you!:)

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    Re: Is slow eating a problem?

    My little guy is way past the infant stage, but I still lurk here :) .

    Don't be worried, there is nothing that you should be doing differently. Landon took forever nursing too when he was that...
  3. Temas: Solids

    by yogachick79

    Re: Solids

    Hey! How are you? Long time no see (but I haven't been around much).

    As for the solids thing, Landon is just really starting to want food, but is still nursing on demand when we are together (when...
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    Re: No Milk in a Cup?

    :ita Yup, same boat here. If it comes from me and is in something besides the boob he will NOT accept it. No bottle, no cup, nothing. We do fortified soy milk once or twice during the day when he is...
  5. Re: 6-month, not sleeping thru night & nursing frequently

    yes, we too had teething issues before the teeth actually started to come in. I highly recommend teething tablets because they are homepathic and they do work very well without using medication. With...
  6. Re: Night feedings and how to deal with lack of sleep?

    I agree with the OPs on so many points. Sleeping when the babe is asleep is key whenever possible. I far too often stayed awake trying to clean or just have "me" time when I should have been napping...
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    Re: Need advice...again!

    I agree with the OP, go talk with your local LLL person and see what they say. They can also advise you on BF while taking medications and which would be safe. If it is truely what the doc says, and...
  8. Re: My little baby turning into a toddler??

    DS is 15 months this weekend and nurses both ways. Even when he nurses sitting up he likes to rest his head in the crook of my arm. I think it is pretty cute, he's even been falling asleep this way....
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    Re: postpartum anxiety

    Hey Andi, oh I know those days of refreshing the screen just to see if anyone knew I was out there :hug . I am just glad that I was still subbed to the thread! Now I can at least respond on my lunch...
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    Re: postpartum anxiety

    Hi Andi, I haven't been here (on the LLL site) in ages due to a move and other things that keep my schedule pretty full but I was still subbed to this thread and wanted to reply. Plus it reminded me...
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    Re: Rash around sides of lips...teething?

    IMHO yes. DD gets a rash within a day or so of eating dairy and upset tummy sooner. and it does travel fast in the system and register right away (dairy at least) so I would leave both out for a...
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    Re: mom's food in milk

    hmm, not sure about the technical part of it but it usually seems to take a day or so (sometimes not that long) before he is in the clear if I eat something that upsets his tummy. like when i was...
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    Re: baby tucking upper lip

    honestly ds still does that from time to time and he is almost 9 months. it has never really given us any latch problems that I can tell. :D
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    Re: No patience when feeding

    ((((hugs)))) sounds like you have a high needs little one on your hands. DS was the same way for the first few months of his life. Oh boy was I completely nutty during those times. He would scream...
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    Re: Allegra-D

    Sorry, don't have any advice on the medication but Vit C in large doses can also have a good decongestant effect. But like other decongestants if too much or too long it can decrease milk supply. I...
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    Re: when will she need to eat more?

    how old is she? i wouldn't worry so much about the oz thing unless you notice a drop in weight once she has to take bottles during the day. people tend to focus too much on that and babies tend to...
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    Re: baby doesnt likemy milk from bottle

    i second what the OP have been saying. DS will not take a bottle of my milk when I am around, and really doesn't like to have it much even when I am. But, he does take it eventually if he is hungry...
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    Wooo hooo!

    Update from my post about teething last week. DS cut his first tooth this past weekend. So I was NOT losing my mind and there was at least a partial answer to why he was so clingy, crabby, not...
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    Re: First post - Topfree forever?

    No worries! I was super sore and very sensitive for a few weeks after starting bfing DS. But it did pass finally, and have had very little problems since. The only thing that gave me trouble was...
  20. Re: zantac for reflux - DD straining evry hour for poop

    Ah ha!!! Found it on his website. Called an Amby Baby and it is like a hammock that keeps the baby cuddled while at a good angle and is soft, can pull up to the bed to be next to you. Man, if I had...
  21. Re: zantac for reflux - DD straining evry hour for poop

    Oh darn, I have heard of a different one but I cannot remember the name. Dr. Sears talks about it in his The baby Book and recommends it as an option to help with reflux. But unfortunately...
  22. Re: zantac for reflux - DD straining evry hour for poop

    I second the thought on switching meds. The little guy that I watch every day used to take Prevacid (i think, know it began with a P) for babies and had no problems with constipation.
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    Re: Clear milk?

    I know that when I voiced concern about that to my midwife, she recommended that I eat 1/2 an avocado per day to increase my good fat intake. After that my milk really did seem to have more cream at...
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    Re: Failure to Thrive

    Yeah, so glad to hear that he is doing okay and that the tests came back okay. Hey, some kids are just thinner and longer from the get go. Like you said, he is doing all of the things that babies...
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    Re: 4 month old biting down

    I know this probably sounds silly, but is her latch okay? Also, could it be a developmental distraction thing? Mine turns his head and takes my whole nipple with him at times. Youch!!!

    How long...
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