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  1. Re: 8 months old and teething bisquits?

    I agree with the wagon wheels, They dissolve fairly fast and ear easy to hold. gerber puffs are a great choice too! They dissolve almost instantly. Much much faster than cheerios.

    I would feed...
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    Re: All Kinds of Issues!

    Hugs to you! I remember the mucousy poop, but not what causes it. Put it on your list to talk to the dr about.
    She could be a bit colicky(when babies cry 24/7 except when sleeping). Motion seems to...
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    Re: Breast Shield Question

    My gal had a little bit of spillage with the shield. I think it's cause the shield gets so full and there is nowhere for the milk to go. So it leaks out of the shield either on to you or into baby's...
  4. Re: Please help, need advice on thrush and Diflucan!

    I had to have 2 rounds of diflucan, the second stronger than the first before mine cleared up. Maybe you need a higher dose.
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    Re: Need help....

    What foods are you trying? Maybe she is allergic? I'd wait like 2 weeks then try again. Maybe she has a REALLY bad gag reflex?
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    Re: Can't eat what foods as of 1

    I don't have any links, but we just went for dd's 1yr check up. The dr said EVERYTHING is okay to eat now. Just be on the lookout for allergic reactions when giving new foods like peanut butter,...
  7. How to get rid of final feeding?

    So we are down to one nurse a day-about 6-6:30am DD will wake up. I bring her to bed with me, we cuddle and nurse, then snoooze for about 30-45mins. Monday will be the last time for this, but I am...
  8. Re: thinking about a part time job

    I think it would be good for you to take the job. Like PPs said, the 2 of them will figure it out.
    Also, it iwll be good for her to know it is okay for someone other than mommy to put her to bed,...
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    Re: I don't want to wean :(

    I wish I could help, just wanted to send you hugs.... :hug
  10. Re: How much meat does/did your 1 year old eat a day?

    Beans and rice together also offer very good protein. tTry putting some spices on your meat and maybe he'll eat it more. DD doesn't like plain meat anymore, I used to make hers without any seasoning....
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    Re: Major Spit-up

    Definitely burp him or he will get horribly uncomfortable gas. Talk to your dr, he may have acid reflux, tons of babies do. My gal had a spit-up issue too and she was having tummy issues. The dr can...
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    Re: Latch problem- please help!

    Do you have a lactation consultant you can call in the morning? Hopefully she can fit you in tomorrow. Don't have one? Check with the hospital you delivered at or call any of the local hospitals....
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    Bedtime drink once weaned?

    As part of our nighttime routine, I nurse DD then head upstairs to get her ready for bed. I will be weaning her in a couple of weeks. Should I give her a bottle of nextstep? Formula? Milk? Juice? Or...
  14. Re: prepping/storing sweet potato + other foods

    Great food choice! DD LOVES sweet potatoes! If he is fedding himself frech fry shapes owrk great or small cubes. If you are pureeing you can store in fridge for 3 days or freeze for months. i used...
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    Re: Attempting to wean

    We are going ot start weaning here in the next month. I am going to cut out day feedings first. Then mornign and last bedtime. Will she drink juice? From a bottle or sippy cup? Have you tried the...
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    Re: cereal for 11 month old

    I give dd (11 mo old) cheerios, puffs(available in baby food section), and the baby freeze dried fruits for snacks. Or I will eat and apple or pear and let her gnaw on the core-I make sure there is...
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    Re: Karo Syrup

    Contrary to many of the pps, I have used teh karo syrup method. I only used it once and my baby was 6 months old. It worked great-so great she pooped out of her diaper, through her clothes and onto...
  18. Re: BF a premie... Having Challenges

    Question1: I used a shield and it worked out great. It was hard, I won't lie. Hard because it filled up with milk so it spilled when i took it off and made it harder to BF in public. I used it for...
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    Re: Peas and Lentils

    If there hasn't been a reaction, I wouldn't stop. We gave 9 mo old peas and beans and had no problems. Actually peas are one of her favorite things to eat! Keep on feeding!
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    Re: Use of feeding pillow.

    Only used that once in the dr's office. I used a boppy and had no problems, loved it actually. It kept me hand free to read a mag, eat, or change channels.
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    Re: Baby food boycott!

    He probably wants to start feeding himself. DD will be 11 months on teh 1st and for about a month now has refused to let us feed her. I say put him in the high cahir with some small peices of food...
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    Re: Another grape question

    I think we gave dd them aroudn 9 months. I just cut them in half or more if they are bigger so there is no choking hazard. Actually i gave them to her around 7 months but peeled the skin off first....
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    Re: Is salt that bad??

    Yup, the kidneys can't proccess the salt at ayoung age. I just cook without salt and give dd what we eat, sans salt. Haven't had any probelms yet!
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    Re: breakout, on his chin

    Excessive drooling could cause it, esp from teething. My gal got a very slight rash around her mouth when I gave her cinnamon a couple of times. Yours could be drool or the bananas. Try them one...
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    Re: Couscous?

    DD had couscous around that age and no problems. Not many allergies in our family. Good luck!
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