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  1. Re: Getting ready to cross the one-year mark; need support!

    good for you for making it to the one year mark!! i was able to BF my first son till 2yrs, 9months. i'd had a misscarriage two years ago, and it was within a month of that, that he stopped for good...
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    Re: Binki help (paci, dummy, whatever)

    i know how you're feeling, i felt the same way when i caved in when my 2nd son (almost 8 weeks) was about 4.5 weeks old. he would get himself so worked up and screaming, when he was ready to fall...
  3. Re: Help, almost 3 weeks and ready to give up

    the first time around, i never got that bonding feeling from breastfeeding, but i did feel bonded to my son all the same. but this 2nd time around (my second one is almost 8 weeks), i am getting...
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    Re: newborn poop

    thanks for the insight. definitely am having those symptoms of oversupply that you mentioned, the fullness feeling when its coming up time for a feeding, and then when he's eating off of one side,...
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    newborn poop

    My almost 8 week old son has greenish-yellow (think pickle juice color) poops that are runny and mucousy, and i'm wondering if this is anything to be concerned about? Have been reading online and...
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