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    Re: Low iron what to do

    I don't have an answer....but what about iron rich foods. Can you really make almost every thing she eats high in iron?
  2. Re: The Truth About Breastmilk and Ear Infections

    So I am nearly 29, my doctor told me when I was 23 that it was my anatomy that caused my chronic ear infections both as a child and adult. I ruptured an ear drum at the age of 24. I began seeing a...
  3. Re: 10 mo nurses mostly at night...and hard!

    My daughter often pulls the nipple practically all the way out when she nurses. I think it's to control the flow somewhat. I have a rapid and large letdown and sometimes it's too much. Sometimes...
  4. Re: os/oald/protein intolerance?? TWINS

    My little one used to spit a lot. I cut ALL dairy not just obvious dairy and also try not to consume things that have a warning about produced in the same facility as milk and her spit up has reduced...
  5. Re: 6 month old with low weight gain- did I get bad advice?

    I have found adding lactation cookies helps my pump output. And helps me get enough calories. You are doing great by the way.
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    Re: Not Eating Well

    Oh do they push pedialyte and made us feel terrible for wanting an alternative.
    I'm glad she ate at least that much. It will come back up when LO nurses more again. It took my LO a few days before...
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    Re: Solids. Mommy not ready.

    Thanks guys for the kind words. We are going to do baby led solids. I had just given her a little off my finger. We will see how she does finger painting the squash I mean feeding herself lol. It was...
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    Solids. Mommy not ready.

    So I gave my LO a few tiny bites of butternut squash tonight. She's a week shy of 6 months, been sitting on her own for 3 weeks, and is very interested in my plate. She didnt gag or throw up or push...
  9. Re: OALD... Forceful letdown.. Gassy baby... :shrug

    So I have OALD. My LO is now 5.5 months old. She's still gassy, she sometimes clicks and loses suction, but is a very happy baby. They get more able to handle it as they grow. We never mastered...
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    Re: bottle types

    Looks interesting. We don't use them but maybe the nipple is shorter, it's hard to tell without puttting them side by side.
    On a different note could it be nipple...
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    Re: Feeling ashamed about this...

    Can you try a simple thing, and you arent out anything if it doesn't work. When you feel those feelings say "That's an interesting point of view, I have that point of view." Pause for a few seconds...
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    Re: Nursing-strike or self-weaning?

    You said he was sick when he started to totally refuse, any chance of an ear infection?
  13. Re: No, actually my face is not made of rubber

    Lol! I know exactly how you feel. And it's not gentle caressing either! I wore a beaded necklace today and E decides to try and put the beads in her mouth while nursing... not quite what I had in...
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    Re: Endless energy baby :)

    We had to give up football hold (my favorite position) by 2 weeks as LO was jammin her feet into the couch to launch off my nipple. Owie. She's a blast in the tub, she lays on my tummy and can make...
  15. Has anyone made breastmilk yogurt

    I saw an article about making yogurt out of breastmilk. Has anyone done this? I'm super intrigued.
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