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    Re: Quit or keep trying ?

    Hi, huge congrats on your new babies! Just a thought but i work in a mat hospital and i know there is a medela brand that has a 'premmi' setting, especially designed to achieve max milk expression...
  2. Re: Sudden decrease in supply... need help!

    hi, i just wanted to add that after i had my second ds my period was horrendous, i mean truely awful.. Turns out that pregnancy and childbirth can effect the thyroid which can affect milk production...
  3. Re: 6 weeks old (born at 35) but static weight gain

    went to the health visitors today for our weekly weigh in (cant afford to purchase baby scales just yet and hubby worries i may become obsessed over this :eye) and babe has gained 7.5 oz in a week...
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    Re: how much should come out

    hi, I had my third ds at 35 weeks and whilst in hospital i found i got more from pumping when i pumped with him on me skin to skin or with him near me. When i couldnt be close to him, i looked at a...
  5. Re: 6 weeks old (born at 35) but static weight gain

    Thank you for your replies. We saw the paed at the hospital on thursday who was not concerned at this stage and felt that one weigh was not sufficient enough to determine if there is a problem but...
  6. 6 weeks old (born at 35) but static weight gain

    My DS was born at 35 weeks and spent a week on NICU on cpap and iv antibiotics. I was very blessed that he was able to bf asap and the staff were very encouraging of kangaroo care and bf. I have...
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