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    Re: No longer a balanced partnership...

    Thanks so much for all 3 heartfelt replies. I read them over very carefully, and all were helpful. I guess some of my terminology was a bit extreme, but that's also how I see her nursing...
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    No longer a balanced partnership...

    Hello = )

    I am seeking guidance from bright, sensitive and not overly-opinionated mothers regarding an issue I am facing. It's that age old "human pacifier" dilemma and yes, please note I already...
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    Gentle transitions?

    Hi gals,

    I'm the newbie who posted the thread "From on demand to needing to pump..." and got a ton of great, super useful replies that I took to heart. I got a pump and and have been working hard...
  4. Re: From on demand to needing to pump...

    Wise women,

    Thanks for all the great replies! The "several bottles with less" and ounce measurements helped ENORMOUSLY!!!

    I re-rad my post and thought maybe it lacked coherency and then I read...
  5. From on demand to needing to pump...

    Hi there! My name is Tania and I am in need of help with the inclusion of pumping as I prepare to return to work.

    I have 2 daughters. My 3.5 yr old still nurses occasionally and has always done...
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