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    Would you go or not?

    I just moved to a new town and would like to meet some other mothers. My son is seven months and I pump exclusively for him as he is totally tube fed (g-tube). I would love to go to a LLL meeting but...
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    Re: how to tell if milk is bad

    I find that it's very obvious when breast milk truly spoils. It smells like vomit. It's really nasty. But like someone else said, if in doubt just taste it. If it was frozen it can taste wierd but...
  3. Re: Do I really need a big freezer stash?

    And if you find you have an outrageously large stash that you'll never use before it goes bad, you can always donate it to a NICU nearest you. That way at least you're not wasting it.
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    Re: Frozen BM - 24 Hour Rule - Why?

    I've never had a problem with milk out more than 24 hrs. What I usually do is take the frozen milk out the night before and stick it into the fridge. Then the next evening it's still slush, so I set...
  5. Re: How long efridgerated breastmilk to freezer?

    yeh, spoiled breast milk has a very distinct smell. It smells just like baby vomit.
  6. Re: Baby choked with my Overactive let down!!!!

    you need to tell your pediatrician and ask for a swallow study. The turning blue is a sign of desaturation which was probably from aspiration. If your child has/had severe reflux she's at a higher...
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    Re: What kind of pump...

    I have the Medela Pump in style Advanced. It's not terribly loud, but it's not quiet either. I think the symphony is the quietest I've used so far.
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    Re: holy cow.

    oh, he'll never nurse. he won't even eat by mouth. He'll be tube fed for life. So that's not an issue. I think once I do all the math and my stash gets out of hand then I will be a NICU milk donor. I...
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    holy cow.

    and when I say cow, I mean cow. Here's what I pumped the other day. My son was supposed to have surgery at 7:30 AM but it got bumped till 1:30, so I didn't pump that morning and went till he was in...
  10. Re: How many oz does a 6 mo old take in a feed?

    well each kid is different. Some kids can't tolerate more than a few ml an hour, so they have to do continuous feeds. My baby has good motility (moving stuff through), and I think he gets hungry....
  11. Re: How many oz does a 6 mo old take in a feed?

    I'm a member there, :D but most use formula.

    pictures that's my last post there and it has pictures of his tube and surgery site.
  12. Re: How many oz does a 6 mo old take in a feed?

    I had already found both those calculators, the problem I had with them is that since he doesn't eat X number of times a day, he doesn't have an average amount per feeding. See what I'm saying? So...
  13. How many oz does a 6 mo old take in a feed?

    does anyone know what is average for a six month old to take in one feed? My son is tube fed, and right now we're on a continuous feed (he gets about 50ml an hour 22 hrs a day). We're trying to work...
  14. breastfeeding with tracheotomy possible?

    My son was born with a few defects of the larynx and perhaps some in his subglottic area as well. They are scoping him on the 6th to find out. Anyway, we were in the hospital this past week because...
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