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    Re: 17 mo suddenly refusing food

    DD will be 17 months old on Saturday and sounds a lot like your little guy. She is getting over a sinus infection, and her two year molars seem to be bothering her a lot,
    but part of me wonders if...
  2. Re: Okay Mommas, long one: 4.5 month old

    I don't have any experienced answers about the low supply, but the watery poop happens to my DD too (5 months tomorrow, 4 adjusted age) and her pedi said it was fine. Is she having enough wet diapers...
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    Re: Smelly, smelly gas but no poop?

    My DD rarely poops every day the "textbook" way. She always seems to skip a day or two and then have massive dirty diapers. Her gassy days are not pleasant either!

    Does your LO make faces or...
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    Recent BFing woes *long*

    My DD was born at 36 weeks. It took some work to get her nursing (had to supplement with formula for the first couple of days bc she lost more weight then they'd like and my colostrum was next to...
  5. Re: How to transition from pumping to breast?

    You've got some great responses, but I wanted to share my experience just to reinforce that you're not alone in this!

    My DD was born at 36 weeks which I know is close to full term, but she still...
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