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    Re: I'm all wet!

    I too had WAY to much milk. I went through a nursing pad at every feeding. I will say though to be careful using a pump to relieve yourself because it is telling your body to make more milk. I...
  2. Blood in stool...HELP I am loosing it

    Ok well I have made to much milk from the beginning by the time we understood what was going on DS was 2 months old and long story short I have been down regulating my supply for 6 wks. I started...
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    Re: No BM all day today?

    When i had my LO the nurses got me so worked up about him not eating for so long. I am talking 4-5 hr stretches as a newborn. But I knew he would be ok so I shouldn't have let them get to me. At home...
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    Re: Keeping track of feedings, diapers, etc.

    I quit writing it down after the first 4 days. The stinking nurses had me so worked up in the hospital . Oh it's been 2 hrs then 3 and so on since he has ate and I would say he is fine. I should have...
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    Re: Self-defense!

    I as well dealt with this situation. I think a lot of it has to do with guilt that they chose not to nurse and then once they have been educated ( by you, which then usually they question your...
  6. Re: Help with the end-result of breast feeding

    I am as natural and organic as I can afford; however for stains I swear by Dreft spray stain remover. I have yet to have a stain stay after I treat it with that and we have had so many blowouts I...
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    HELP, plugged duct won't go away

    I need help getting rid of a plugged duct. I have had if for two days and have tried a hot wet compress and a long hot shower as well as nursing. I can feel the lump on the underside of my breast and...
  8. Re: Crying for food, but he cant be hungry, Right?

    I'll third that. NURSE ON DEMAND!!! I would spend the better part of my day parked on the sofa with my drink in one hand and baby nursing in the other. It is a very antiquated thought process of...
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    Re: Baby is 5 weeks old and super fussy

    Mine as well started being fussy around 6 wks. We had a HM/FM issue. Make sure to watch for green stools. If that happens you could have the same problem. My LO is teething now at 3 1/2mo so it is...
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    Re: Hindmilk / Foremilk

    It depends on how much milk you are making. I believe the normal time for baby to get hindmilk is appr. 15 min. Of course that is subject to your babies sucking pace. For me personally I have an...
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    Re: Green Stool

    I too have had OALD and OS. My DS is 3 1/2 mo old. I would suggest block nursing as well .It is where you nurse for so long on one side ( I began at 7 hrs.) Then nurse the other side for 7 hrs. Every...
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