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  1. Re: is cheese on the menu for an 8 month old?

    My little girl was weighing in a little light (per the pediatrician) at her 9 month visit, so the doctor suggested starting her on whole milk dairy products to bulk her up a little. She's 11 mo old...
  2. Re: What food and what texture are you feeding your 8-9 month old.

    My girl (nearly 9 mo.) absolutely LOVES green (English) peas. If she doesn't get some with each meal, she complains. I get the organic frozen ones and just keep a thawed pack in the fridge.
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    Re: Poop question

    My understanding of the "seeds" was that they are the little fat globules that are in our hindmilk. Hindmilk is high in fat (a good thing for babies!), and some of them pass through the baby's...
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    Re: 9 days shy of 6 months

    Your post is so familiar to me! This is exactly when my daughter (now 7 months old) started really becoming interested in what my husband & I were eating, and needing more BFing to satisfy her...
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    Re: How long for sleep

    Those long sleeping periods sounds like a growth spurt. If you ask me, you'll want to pump to have plenty of milk for when your baby is ready to EAT EAT EAT. Freezing it for later is a good idea. ...
  6. Re: Sleepy baby and no more poopies!

    Normal, normal and normal. Take a deep breath and relax. My girl started her poop strike at 5 weeks and didn't get back to a regular "every other day" until 6 months when she started puree'd...
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    Re: Upper frenulum question

    My friend just had this done on her 3 week old. She now nurses like a champion and is finally gaining weight properly. She also said she nursed her baby right after the snip to soothe her. It was...
  8. Re: Pumping while my nipples heal - nervous!

    Boy howdy, can I relate. The first two months of nursing my 5 month old was spent dealing with a badly cracked nip. Ouch!

    In addition to letting a drop of breastmilk dry on the nipple itself, be...
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    Re: baby poo

    It may just be something you ate. I've exclusively BF'd my 4 month old and noticed over the time that some days her pee and/or poo smells a little stronger than others. But then it goes back to...
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    Re: poop question

    My girl's poop (just turned 4 mo's), has also been light brown, seedy & peanutbutter consistency. She also tends to hold on to it for 7-10 days (see my recent post with that question). I wonder if...
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    Re: No Poo!

    What a relief! You guys are awesome (and informative!). Thank you so much for unabashedly sharing your own children's poop habits with me. The shortage of poopy diapers seems like yet another...
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    No Poo!

    Ok, ladies, this post isn't for the squeemish. I'll apologize for the TMI up front.

    My 4 month old little girl has been breastfeed since the day she was born. She started going longer and longer...
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