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  1. Re: Gassy baby & weaning...My 5 & 1/2 mo

    mommal thank u so much for your reply, it took me a while to get back on here for some reason i couldnt log in even with my password but its all fixed now! Yep Taylors teeth sure are moving around...
  2. Sick of Dr's! diet for windy bub

    Hi Ladies, my son taylor is 6 months old and is still waking up with wind, its much better than it was and he doesnt seem to be in terrible pain , although some night are worse than others, usually...
  3. Gassy baby & weaning...My 5 & 1/2 month son

    Hello All, I wrote a post not long ago about my struggles with oversupply and reflux, possible milk allergy.

    Things seemed to get so much better without us changing anything.
    My milk settled down...
  4. Oversupply, OALD, falling to peices !

    Hello all, i am new so please go easy on me.

    My son is 4 months old next week. He is a very big boy, was born 9.5 pound and is now 7.5 kg.

    The first two weeks were a dream and then about 4...
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