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  1. Re: Nighttime nursing, teething, bad habits?

    I am going through the same exact thing except my LO is 8 months old and we've been going through it for about 4 months now. He was a great sleeper from 7 weeks until he was 4 months old and all of a...
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    Re: I think I'm angry....

    I don't have any answers or advice...I just want to say I'm sorry for your frustration! Ugh I know the feeling. I hope it all works out!
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    Supply or teething?? Please help!

    My 8 month old son used to be a wonderful sleeper. He would go down to sleep at 7:30 and not wake at all until 7 in the morning. I thought I was extremely lucky. After two months of doing that, he...
  4. My husband wants me to stop breastfeeding after 8 months

    I guess the title says it all. I was determined to breastfeed my son, and even though it was a rocky start (thrush & insanely sore nipples), we've had such a great breastfeeding relationship. We...
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