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    stimulation and supply

    I need advice. I am meeting with a consultant monday for help BUT i need advice on how to keep my milk supply up and stimulation up until then. I do not want to dry up and miss this chance because I...
  2. Re: S.O.S. ((on the verge of total meltdown))

    SORRY ITS TAKEN ME FOREVER TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO LOG INTO THIS!!! Unfortunately I am unable to breast feed because I have inverted nipples? That is what someone told me. My little girl is a week old...
  3. S.O.S. ((on the verge of total meltdown))

    I am a first time mother and have done my "research" on breast feeding but it obviously wasnt enough. I am having serious issues. I want to give my baby breast milk and because of the demands of my...
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