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  1. Re: how to discreetly breast feed in public with extra large breasts

    I would always use the tank bras because I could just hike it up easily under my shirt.

    Love the idea of the tank top though. Will have to try that next time.
  2. Re: Possible gas problem, not sure.

    Is he showing signs of gas pain like arching his back or pulling his legs in? Is it possible you are eating something new that isn't agreeing with him?
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    Re: benadryl - ok to take

    I took it while bf but only when I absolutely needed to avoid affecting supply. The key also is trying to figure out what is causing the rash if you have to take it more than a couple times. Turned...
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    Re: Not so much a challenge..

    Could it be from a reaction to lotion/soap that you are using? Babies have very sensitive skin so if you are using a perfumed lotion or soap it may be irritating him.
  5. Re: One giant breast... one sorta' giant breast?

    I was lopsided for a while but the milk production pretty much evened out for me. I've always had one a little larger and it is more pronunced I think after bf.
  6. Re: What do all you working mamas do for a living?

    Wow, what an accomplished group of women!!!!! I'm a technology director in marketing for an insurance co. I'm also the owner of a new baby product company in my "free" time, aka after the boys go to...
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    Re: A LITTLE tired of my big breasts

    I also just wore my regular bra most of the time with no problem and only bought a couple expensive nursing bras for if I was going to be out of the house with the baby during feeding time. I like...
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    Re: Best Bottles to use

    I like the Platex dropins too. I just saw a similar thread on another board too and a lot of people recommended them.
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